Is addiction a disease or a lifestyle?

Posted by: halli3

This is for an english essay so please answer so I am provided with valid information.

  • Disease

  • Lifestyle

70% 21 votes
30% 9 votes
  • It involves genetics and brain power that dictate your outcome and it’s clinically noted as a disease.

    Posted by: halli3
  • As previously stated, There are genetic factors involved in the majority of addictions.

  • Because of a combination of genetics/brain structure and balance of "reward" chemicals. I was dependent on methadone for years (chronic pain), When I requested to be taken off, I went into a horrible withdrawal and spent some time in rehab. Got to learn a lot about it there.

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oclot27 says2019-02-13T19:05:37.3026715Z
It's more of a addiction.
smokey0990 says2019-03-18T12:49:47.2130120Z
Can't it be both? In my experience addiction can completely dominate your life, Whether you want it to or not. I'd say that qualifies it as a lifestyle whether its one your choosing or stuck in. I don't really like classifying addiction as a disease at all to be honest. However that's really a personal thing, Since I chose all of my addictions so it never felt like a disease. Even when things got bad it was ultimately something I did to myself. I never felt entitled to any of the sympathy that should be given to those with legitimate diseases. Again though that's just me not everyone was given a choice. Drug dealers are assholes and doctors are tricky bastards.
Mitternaucht says2019-09-16T06:40:35.7035639Z
It changes the chemistry and alters the brain, Conditioning it to reward itself in the reward center, Once this becomes a habit, It becomes harder to quit and the brain is now in a diseased form, Getting clean and sober, Is the cure but only by keeping this in a workable way with doctors support groups, And working the steps necessary to not relapse. Relapse is part of sobriety just as cancer has remission points so if it changes the brain and its behaviors, And the only cure is sobriety it is a disease, Is not a lifestyle. In retrospect I think it is a disease that becomes a lifestyle.

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