• Yes

  • No

88% 21 votes
12% 3 votes
  • I went for a job. I am white & the other guy was black. We both got the same score; we both did equally well. He gets the job instead of me because he's black and I'm white. That is racism. AA is racist, sexist, and anti-equality. It outlived its usefulness for equality.

  • It's definitely racist to consider a person's skin color when hiring them.

    Posted by: Wylted
  • It discriminates against skilled whites.

  • Asian Americans, Whites, Arabs, and Jews are excluded from affirmative action even if they have same skills as their black, hispanic, or Native American counterparts.

  • I'm a mixed race female and I believe affirmative action is racist against both minorities and the majority. It is racist against minorities as it builds a mentality that they need help getting in to universities and jobs. It is racist against the majority as they would be denied positions due to their race.

  • Employers should be able to hire who ever they want no matter what race the person is.

  • I'm a white male and I don't have any problem with Affirmative Action. I believe that society has nothing to lose, and everything to gain from promoting the integration of historically marginalized groups.

    Posted by: joepbr
  • Apparently people don't get the overall purpose of Affirmative Action, because the very reason it even exists it because of racism, people should educate themselves first.

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SweetTea says2014-05-29T10:10:30.8147919-05:00
I wouldn't call it racist, but it does provide an unequal playing field -- as does any Legacy program. A person should be judged on their own merits, for college entry or a job. It shouldn't be based on skin color, or the number of family members that attended before you. It should be based on qualifications. Personally, I would not want a job because I am White or a woman. That would be degrading & superficial. I didn't attend college, on an ancestor's name either. I can honestly say that I have earned what I have achieved, in my life. Nobody gave me anything.

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