Is airbrushing photos for magazines creating an unhealthy view of what beauty is?

Posted by: mishapqueen

  • It isn't doing any harm

  • It creates unhealthy expectations.

9% 1 votes
91% 10 votes
  • If anything its inspiring people to better themselves and look better. I don't see how that would negatively impact society. The kind of people who read these magazines aren't really the kind of people who would expect that of others. ie Guys wouldn't normally read a woman's beauty magazine so the "unhealthy" touchups wouldn't affect their expectations of women.

  • By printing these pictures it gives impressionable teens an unreal image to strive for often pushing them to diet extremes, anorexia and bulimia, and cultivating self hatred. It is an often times unattainable view of beauty. No one is perfect so why pretend we are?

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AlexanderOc says2014-06-08T17:58:59.9806715-05:00
One has to wonder how airbrushing a photo leads a girl to things as drastic as Anorexia and Bulimia considering those are illnesses not dietary lifestyles.
jessica044 says2014-06-17T06:53:16.0538673-05:00
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