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Yes USA is liberal toward LGBT people.

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No it isn't.USA is a place where it's not environmental friendly to LGBT people.LGBt still face widespread of inequality and homophobic discrimination .

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USA should reinstate death penalty for homosexual.

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stephannoi says2016-12-07T15:18:26.0425468Z
Homophobia and discrimination are still pervasively high because of no law protect them.
stephannoi says2016-12-07T15:22:16.4491896Z
Discrimination in housing,employment,credit lending,health care are the most scenario where majority of LGBT population subjected to.
stephannoi says2016-12-07T15:23:47.1793712Z
USA are among the 1st top rank of worst sex oppressive country.
countdooku says2016-12-07T15:33:59.5456966Z
@Letsusana America are little to no difference in comparison to other illeberal countries (Iran,Saudi Arabia,Russia,India etc...) Do you that Sodomy law are still being use in practice to actively prosecute lgbt people despite Lawrence v Texas declared the law was unconstitutional since 2003.Some state still refuse to invalidated it.
countdooku says2016-12-07T15:40:01.3656501Z
@ stephannoi Do you know why USA become sex oppressive ? Because of the goddam feminism are still dominant in the country. IF we want to transform our attitude to liberal democracy we must eradicate all feminist ideology.
countdooku says2016-12-07T15:41:17.2445365Z
I advocate for killing all feminist woman.
thedebater12 says2016-12-07T16:40:53.9662299Z
Homophobia does not correlate to disagreeing with gay-marriage.
Letsuana says2016-12-07T17:02:43.2982230Z
@Countdooku Mind citing the source for the Sodomy law still being used in practice? It looks to me like it was overturned in the last 14 states with Lawrence v Texas.
Iacov says2016-12-07T17:09:34.5636593Z
Found in the State of Texas penal codes Sec. 21.06. HOMOSEXUAL CONDUCT. (a) A person commits an offense if he engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex. (b) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor. I am not aware of it still being practiced but it is still officially a law
Letsuana says2016-12-07T17:26:32.0870160Z
Alright, yeah that's pretty weird and I'm not sure I want to know how they would enforce that, but I still don't agree that there's not much of a difference between us and countries that execute LGBT people. Same-sex marriages were just legalized, while I admit it could've been sooner, I think it's still a pretty big milestone for the country and LGBT, there are many countries that have it outlawed. I believe overcoming homophobia and discrimination is something Americans personally have to work on, though.
Iacov says2016-12-07T17:30:12.8371969Z
I completely agree and we as a country are much more progressive than many countries in the Middle East but we must also be aware of things such as this law and work to change it.
cwt002 says2016-12-07T21:08:14.3279783Z
Move to Iran, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan...... For one month and tell me whether or not America is friendly or not to LGBT people.
countdooku says2016-12-08T02:27:08.7398340Z
@cwt002 Not every state in USA allow same sex couple to marry.
countdooku says2016-12-08T02:30:33.6939478Z
The worst anti-LGBT law in Us is the conversion therapy which is not illegal in most state.
cwt002 says2016-12-08T21:15:03.3399115Z
@countdooku.....So a few states do not allow homosexuals to marry but again move to a Middle Eastern country or some European countries as a homosexual and then let me know if USA is LGBT friendly. Also, is the Conversion Therapy Law forced or voluntary?
cwt002 says2016-12-08T21:16:01.3155678Z
@countdooku.....So a few states do not allow homosexuals to marry but again move to a Middle Eastern country or some European countries as a homosexual and then let me know if USA is LGBT friendly. Also, is the Conversion Therapy Law forced or voluntary?
stephannoi says2016-12-09T14:17:27.6196151Z
@cwt002 No matter conversion therapy is force or voluntary but it is still immoral to convert someone sexual orientation due to it's inborn.
stephannoi says2016-12-09T14:19:39.9240632Z
Homosexual is not a mental disorder.American psychiatric association has cease homosexual from the DSM since 1973.
stephannoi says2016-12-10T16:07:36.6743874Z
@Donderpants America isn't much a better place for LGBT to live than 3rd world countries despite federal law does not extend protection to lgbt people against discrimination and homophobia bigotry.Furthermore,many negative law still persist such as HIV criminalization law,conversion therapy,and DOMA (Defense of marriage act).
stephannoi says2016-12-10T16:10:09.7581687Z
All these laws are intend to create an harmful circumstances for LGBT community.
Togxmi says2016-12-20T21:39:21.6215028Z
Honestly, compared to a few other countries we are LGTBQIA+ friendly but obviously there is still homophobia.
stephannoi says2017-01-01T00:44:46.5944367Z
@togxmi But there are no local and state law that protect lgbt from discrimination in USA .
neoshaf says2018-07-07T01:53:49.6517643Z
Yes, the Americans are very open considering were not stoning r throwing them off of rooves. Not as open as us Canadians tho

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