Is America Loosing it First Amendment Right of Free Speech.

Posted by: bettabreeder

  • Yes

  • No

70% 14 votes
30% 6 votes
  • am I the only person that remembers when Piers Morgan said he thinks freedom of speech should not apply to "vile bigots" aka any body that disagrees with his ideas. " He doesn't care for "assault rifles," so he thinks they should be banned for everyone else. He doesn't enjoy "vile bigotry," so his instinct is to strip constitutional protections from people whose words cross that line "

    Posted by: Ryan_C
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Danya314 says2014-05-07T22:59:45.7498128-05:00
Everyone has to choose their words carefully, even in private, lest be labeled a bigot or racist. Political correctness has dealt a large blow to our social freedom.

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