Is America really a "free country?"

Posted by: Foodiesoul

America calls itself a "free" country, yet men are treated like filthy pigs, women can get away with any crime they commit and not be jailed for it, blacks are treated like criminals, whites are treated like racist, Latinos are treated like drug addicts, Native Americans are treated like savages, homosexuals are treated like horny sinners. What is WRONG with this country? If America is so free, then why is there so much stupid, evil, and unnecessary prejudice in this country? Just proof that the US is hypoc

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No, America is not a free country. It never was. How sad.

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Yes, America is a free country.

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-28T20:19:28.6503921Z
*hypocritical. The poll description cut off.
Irascible_Me says2016-07-28T20:24:29.6827083Z
Who is this 'Foodiesoul'? Everything I see from him/her is pointless nonsense. Is everyone on here like this?
Heterodox says2016-07-29T02:26:09.9806890Z
@Irascible_Me, Yes, most are like him to some degree.
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-31T23:01:10.4014880Z
It used to be a free country; however, it no longer is. It is just a matter of time before hate speech laws start coming in.

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