Is America screwed after this years election?

Posted by: tymeuret

Is America screwed after this years election?

  • Yes, We are screwed

  • Nope, we are good

76% 22 votes
24% 7 votes
  • Unless Johnson wins. If Clinton wins we're screwed, if Trump wins the whole world is screwed (especially us)

  • I think even Gary Johnson has issues. Most choices this election are quite flawed.

  • I feel like whoever gets picked, trump or hillary, there will be a civil war

  • Trump is an idiot who could potentially start a 3rd world war. Why I say this is because if you look at the situation it's unstable. It's like that tower you built as a little kid that was so tall and you were so proud of. But your little brother (trump in this situation) comes and knocks it over. The tower is our current political situation in the world, Trump is the kid who knocks it over and causes everything to go mad. And Hillary? Well she's certain to start a war as well. Maybe not as big as Trump. But it'll be a war. Or maybe she'll do something to get us attacked. I don't know for certain on her.

  • Neither Clinton or Trump will do what is needed to adequately address climate change. Jill Stein will, which is one of the reasons I'm voting for her, but sadly it seems unlikely.

  • But Americans deserve it for being such morons that they have allowed it to get to this point. I hope to see the end of America in my lifetime!!!

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YouGotsToBe says2016-09-19T23:17:41.5938600Z
America has been and will always be screwed
Anonymous says2016-09-20T01:54:59.1481077Z
Fuck you Commie! @YouGotsToBe

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