Is America the greatest country in the world?

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Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:06:26.5242029-06:00
@discomfiting, my education system and education progress is excellent thank you very much.
discomfiting says2015-01-11T23:07:06.8291932-06:00
Oh i bet lol
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:07:52.3855021-06:00
Just be nice to each other, :P calm discussion!
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:12:31.9495179-06:00
I am being a patriot in saying this. Let me quote Edmund Burke. "To love our country, our country ought to be lovely." So, true patriotism is not loving your country because it's yours, but because it's good.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:15:58.8808649-06:00
A true patriot views the world as his country. We are all in this together. Its a pity we divide ourselves simply by where we where born. :(
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:17:49.5614459-06:00
I agree with you that we should informally unite as a people. I also believe that my country is the greatest one and that is a form of patriotism.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:20:34.7789277-06:00
I'm happy you agree with that. :) Sadly I do disagree about us being the best country. :( For something being the best in real life it isn't so simply, people do have different opinions on what is better/what is worse. Some people like onions, some don't.
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:22:26.1770995-06:00
Yeah. That's true. I just think America is the best because of our history, our economic system, and the opportunities that all of our people have to succeed.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:24:16.0620907-06:00
I doubt we are the best in history, if you love to read history I heavily recommend reading up on the Middle East and Europe! Those areas are fascinating for their history, especially for the Middle East; the place where human civilization first started. I do like your optimism when it comes to succeeding, sadly I don't have such. :(
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:28:04.8076605-06:00
What I love about our history is improvement from start to finish. Because we were a colony, we had slavery when we reveled. We had to have it because if we hadn't, most states wouldn't have joined the union. Eventually, we triumphed over the evil institution of slavery. I have read middle eastern history. It is indeed fascinating.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:29:26.0613163-06:00
It is amazing how our nation did reach to be one of the top powers in less then 200 years.
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:32:34.7408973-06:00
Yeah. So did Rome though. We have to make sure that in the future, we do not give too much executive power, otherwise, we will fall just as the Roman Empire did.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:34:59.4615013-06:00
I personally don't view America as Rome. :( I thought it fell due to its military finally falling to the Huns and German tribes?
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:41:08.8323063-06:00
A lot of the reason that it fell is that people have up on the idea of "The Roman Dream" because the government was so corrupt and the executive and legislative branches had too much power.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:47:12.8145124-06:00
The Roman empire was quite a... Brutal one. While our opinions may differ, I don't see much saying that America is like the roman empire. :(
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:50:05.7462227-06:00
As far as brutality, I don't think America comes close to as brutal as the Romans were. For God's sake, one of there emperors burned innocent Christians for no reason.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:51:30.4861215-06:00
The Romans had a Pagan religion, to them Christians where heretics. While I entirely disagree with burning anyone to death, one has to remember the romans where a different religion.
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:54:22.8621263-06:00
Yeah. Paganism in theory is an odd religion, but the Romans made it a violent one.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-11T23:56:17.3646583-06:00
There are many different Pagan religions.
Texas14 says2015-01-11T23:59:28.4737836-06:00
Yeah. Greek and Roman are both Pagan religions, just the God names are different.
Lukas8 says2015-01-12T00:52:29.3394273-06:00
No its not, again a stupid nationalist poll. Its not the most developed, it has high crime, many many poor or homeless people without welfare, Not the most educated country, 27th by IHDI, high natural pollution, 20th by the democracy index, poor freedom in the lobbies that are occupied by christian bussinesman. Rare state service. Low minimum wage. Hierarchies in schools. A Lot of unequality and psychological problems of an individual.... Its not da best. The best ones are probably: Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark... And even Canada.
Lukas8 says2015-01-12T00:55:36.0695961-06:00
Actually its was a really good one in the past, but the damn conservatism caused that many countries including the aussies and denmarks have come further. USA is a good, but not THE best country.
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-12T06:44:35.5084898-06:00
I don't think the millions murdered by our armed forces would think so
Lukas8 says2015-01-12T07:40:12.6515561-06:00
Oh and I forgot America is top in obesity and nothing is being done. The most religious country in the west. And in 7 states, atheist cant hold offices? Fracturing is being legal in the most of the country while it destroys health and the environment, and nothing can be done because of the money. Propaganda, propaganda.......... Strange hatred to commies. Terrible giant, but developed industry. A lot of government secrets, its not the most open state. A lot of surveillance. And the president has all executive power. Extremely centralized govt. Low environmental protection at the east-coast. Crime problem, very very high murder rate compared to Canada and Scandinavia. High inequallity is also a problem there. A lot of rascism.
discomfiting says2015-01-12T13:04:19.7554774-06:00
Greatest country in the world. We love freedom! That's why you can't be apart of the communist party USA since the federal government banned it. I guess thats why gay marriage is illegal all over and marijuana is illegally just about everywhere. Freedom and liberty, for the white males to own land and be oppressive with capitalism and regulate your personal lives with their own beliefs because you don't deserve to decide whats okay for yourself. You have no bodily integrity or right to liberty since its against christianity! YA HOW ABOUT THE DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. WOOT WOOT!!11!1!!!
Texas14 says2015-01-12T19:09:19.9447301-06:00
@discomfiting, you can't be a part of the communist party USA because a communist government is unconstitutional under the first amendment. A communist government violates freedom of speech. Check your facts on gay marriage. It's actually legal in most states. Marijuana is illegal most places because many doctors have deemed it unsafe, even in moderation. I don't quite get how capitalism is impressive because it gives everyone the opportunity to succeed rather than a handout.
Texas14 says2015-01-12T19:12:27.1695834-06:00
Actually most states have a ban on gay marriage, but there has been drastic progress recently and it will continue. I'm pro gay marriage by the way.
debate_power says2015-01-28T17:17:18.5831800-06:00
NO countries!
C_me says2017-02-11T07:40:14.2717917Z
There is a truth that most aren't telling- or know. But don't ask your average American (they buy everything the media says- which works great for those in power but wreaks havoc in a democracy/representative republic-?!). And frankly- most don't give a shit! But they should!! When we, as a country, have monetarily incentivised arrests, and individually regulated a good number of American citizens into gridlock (A LOT)- you've set the stage for a shit storm. Nearly 1/3rd. Of Americans have some kind of record. Now- couple that with a 90% chance of a background check and vague due diligence laws- and you have a very large population of Americans unable to attain a good number of jobs. Are you with me?? O.K.- we also know there is a higher number of unemployed / underemployed than the #'s indicate (you can look deeper into it and see- if you like). NOW we're gonna get to the meat of it! When American employment opportunities are 'under-staffed', they report these numbers for the purpose of immigration. This number is higher than the reported unemployment number- because they just won't fill them w/ citizens w/ records. Now is this 'intentional'? Do legislators make deals with countries or do a little quid pro quo- for the purpose of filling these 'un-fillable' positions OR are there 'favors' being granted- to the detriment of our own?! A huge number of occupational licenses today require a clean background; but the problem is that we now have more laws- than any time in history- or any country in the word, more individual regulation, punitive actions- associated w/ occupational licenses that render people unemployable, ^ policing bodies, due diligence laws, indefinite public access to old misdemeanor records, virtually NO due process, increasing entrapment and disregard for rights, OMG- too many to list. Oh, and btw, most countries have 1/2 the laws we do, virtually no individual regulation- as it relates to lifetime surveillance and technology, few occupational licenses, and as it appears- few opportunities....And THIS is just my POINT! Let's give em opps says the politician / legislator / lobbyist- that knows someone who could REALLY benefit from it (NOT the people of America- but who cares about them...?!). And the real oddity here- though prosecutorial over-reach and under-staffed public defense has led to far too many potentially innocent folks taking a plea deal to something they may be innocent of...They won't address it. They keep saying it's a failed 'war on drugs'- but it isn't! They keep saying it's a 'black lives matter' issue- nope, not entirely that either. Something else you might want to know- the standard applications USED to say "have you ever been convicted of a felony?" NOT any more- in most cases. Now it says "have you ever been convicted of a crime?" This has been a relatively recent development. All of this is suspect to me. How far does this rabbit hole go?!

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