Is American Government too corrupt to function?

Posted by: MakeSensePeopleDont

During our founding, it was said that our leadership should be burned out and rebuilt once every 150 years. After this period government would become too corrupt to lead on behalf of the people. Has this prophecy come true?

  • Clear out the State and Federal Government; replace with new leaders not previously affiliated.

  • Leave current leadership in place; hope we aren't wrong.

70% 7 votes
30% 3 votes
  • It's time for a fresh start. I'm tired of all the back room dealings, lies, secrets, corruption, lack of control, lack of accountability, selfishness, stupidity, career politicians, etc. Moreover, the two parties were created and implemented so that the differing opinions of the people could be equally represented in government. This is meant to ensure that polarizing topics could never be won by one side. Instead, both sides would equally lose and equally win by way of compromise. I'll do this for you and give up that if you give up those and give us this. Compromise.

  • Eventually just phase them out, and our central government can be run by computer technology and we can vote on out phones.

  • Yes, they are corrupt as majority of governments are corrupt.

    Posted by: Najs
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Roodvlees says2015-06-19T08:22:57.9807762-05:00
Bias. Clearing the current leadership won't help. People get the leadership they deserve. If they respond to threats and accusations (even those without merit) then that's what they will get. The most effective way for people to change this is to vote differently. Sadly there is a big problem with the system allowing bad politicians to ignore much of the people's influence. There's the massive amount of money that politicians need; the two-party system; etc. If you don't understand the problem a 'fresh' start won't help, the system will allow all the same problems to emerge all over again. If you do understand the problem you can make changes to improve the system.
58539672 says2015-06-19T10:46:07.6369586-05:00
The US is currently 17th place as one of the least corrupt nations on the planet (which is actually misleading because were in a 6 way tie for 11th).
Caleb.steel says2015-06-20T01:39:18.5941843-05:00
The problem is not just the politicians it is us, you, me, the citizen. Some don't vote at all. Many rarely vote. Few engage lawmakers. Less run for office. We complain but we don't act, we don't do anything about our complaints. And when we do vote it's typically in our own best interest. We can't disconnect our benefit from what's best for everyone. What we don't like about politics, politicians/corporation being out to serve their own interest, is the exact way we as individuals act ... What's best for us. To change them we must first change our own behavior.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-21T20:55:35.8934500-05:00
@UtherPenguin What does your choice (keep current government in place) have to do with not becoming the CCP?

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