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RonPaulConservative says2016-12-30T01:57:57.1010112Z
Democracy is the right to make the wrong decisions, though I view prostitution as blatantly immoral, it isn't my decision regarding someone else.
stephannoi says2016-12-30T02:14:32.0129888Z
@RonPaulComservative Sex between consenting adult should not be penalize unless only when it become forcible.Since anti prostitution law impose penalty against consensual sex,it also violated sexual privacy.
boognish says2016-12-30T03:36:16.9910108Z
It is strange that having sex for money is illegal, but if you were to film the sex and sell the film, it becomes a legitimate business transaction.
brinzahar says2017-01-11T15:43:49.2261461Z
The fact that prostitution is illegal I believe is the problem here, laws should protect prostitutes and maybe even give them extra help to help them be safe doing their job and to help against illnesses.

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