Is anyone else freaked out by the fact that there are 71 possible genders in this world?

Posted by: Hanspete

Even as accepting gay person myself, this creeps the hell out of me.

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Yes, there are only 2 genders!

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Yes, there are only a handful of genders!

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Don't Care

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No, these are fine.

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No, we need more!

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PetersSmith says2015-01-01T18:42:10.9079301-06:00
I just go by sexes. I think the whole 71 gender thing is stupid.
Vox_Veritas says2015-01-01T18:42:24.4798431-06:00
Humans are crazy...
Range says2015-01-01T18:51:35.7323976-06:00
Guess tests can no longer give you two bubbles for "gender" anymore, they have to say "sex" now and put up with the stupid giggles.
Lexus says2015-01-01T19:10:48.9561169-06:00
I think that the idea of this is pretty good since it allows people to identify with a certain group of people (i.E. "bigender" or "transgender male"). It may have too many with 71, but we need to be more accepting as a society so I think the idea was good, but its actual implementation was not.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2015-01-02T12:38:39.6572672-06:00
Say what ?
Hanspete says2015-01-03T14:07:00.1659840-06:00
@Redspectre Umm excuse me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, if you looked at me you could never tell that there was anything different about me, the only difference between me and the average person is I happen to like guys, nothing else.
Logical_One says2015-01-03T14:38:10.9552500-06:00
@Hanspete I don't think Redspectre was referring to physical appearance. A stretch to show the point, but an example none the less would be someone that has constant thoughts of flaying the skin off of their neighbors and has had these thoughts as long as he can remember. The vast majority of society does not think this way and it is not "normal", even though a small percentage of the population may have similar ideas as this individual; should they be allowed to rewrite what is "normal" to include thoughts of this nature, even though it is obviously not? In a 2011 study, it was found that approximately 3.8 % of American adults identify themselves being in the LGBT community. 3.8% is hardly normal. Http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/LGBT_demographics_of_the_United_States
Kreakin says2015-01-03T14:41:43.1270918-06:00
So the LGBT community has constant thoughts about their gender, good comparison..Facepalm..
Logical_One says2015-01-03T14:53:36.8068567-06:00
@Kreakin I would say they do. If it were not for the thoughts and feeling of an individual in the LGBT community, why would they associate with anything? Is it not the thought in ones head that compels them to be attracted to another individual. I, as a heterosexual male, quite often think about women. Are you telling me that homosexual males do not have thoughts of other males when fantasizing or thinking about a sexual partner? As stated, the comparison was a stretch, as an example only. Would you rather have had me use the example of someone that has the only desire in a sexual partner for it to be a chicken and has had these feeling for as long as he or she can remember? SMH.... Facepalm
Hanspete says2015-01-03T15:01:56.3312546-06:00
@Logical_One Redspectre would understand that, he says that I am completely different looking, as in I wear dresses and Makeup, eww. And to your normal statement, that either was misinterpreted or I poorly explained my point, irregardless, I am not saying being gay is normal as in everyone is gay, i meant as it is now a cultural norm, so culturally I am normal.
Logical_One says2015-01-03T15:02:33.4590166-06:00
@Kreakin But if you actaully looked at the flow of posts that lead to my reference, it was Redspectre stating that Hanspete was not normal and a sexual deviant, hanspete having a rebuttal based off of appearance that he is normal and states he is different by who he is attracted to. My example was to the reference that the thoughts or feelings in your head being different and appearance being the same, does not mean that you are "normal" in whole solely by relation to your appearance.
Hanspete says2015-01-03T15:04:38.1022176-06:00
Well if we are basing it off of thoughts in this instance you are 100% correct, not how I intended it to be, but is appears that it has happened anyway.
Logical_One says2015-01-03T15:15:28.7584467-06:00
@Hanspete I think you may be right on the misinterpretation and/or poorly explained. It appeared you were stating that based off of your appearance, you were "normal" as one would not be able to tell you are apart from a heterosexual male. "Normal" was interpreted by me to relate to what the normal is for society, not what is culturally accepted. And my examples were to show that based off of thoughts or feelings alone, you can indeed be not "normal" as it related to the overall standing of society as a whole; not what society has accepted. As I have previously stated, I accept the LGBT community, I am not trying to attack it. I cannot approve or endorse it, but I accept that it is there and I am not trying to eradicate it, that is a choice of the individual to live the life they have however they want to. Also as I have stated before, I would relate my thoughts on it as I do to riding a motorcycle without a helmet. I accept that it is done, it doesn't affect me, I do not approve or endorse doing it, but I am not out to stop someone from it if that is what they wish to do as long as they do not try forcing it upon me.
Hanspete says2015-01-03T15:18:49.7787581-06:00
Then if you think that, we have come to an understanding it appears.
sebban468 says2016-11-14T08:46:35.2870031Z
Don't worry. There are only 2 genders. The other stuff is just nonsense made up by people who just wants more attention.

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