• Yes

  • No

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63% 19 votes
  • think of it like this: its impossible for the mind to "think" of a new color. its all based on color(s) you have seen before. therefore, if you can think of something than its possible. it might seem impossible, but if it came into your mind than it can happen.

  • Anything is a word. Therefore, it is possible.

  • Everything is possible. There is even a chance that God exists. However, that chance is nearly non-existent.

  • It's not possible for a God not to exist.

  • Oh come on Mr. cat. That is a personal opinion. Anything is not possible because man cannot become God.

  • if all things are possible then we are all screwed. if everything is possible then there is no need for our suffering and god could have given us good lives but he chose to make us suffer. because two of our ancestors ate the wrong apple according to the christians. a god that would bring innocent beings into slavery and all the bad that happens here on earth is probably not going to give us a good after life. so i hope this is all random and that not everything is possible. some believe that the afterlife must be good in order to redress the balance after this bad life. if you got a box of oranges and the top layer of oranges was all bad would you assume the bottom layer was good to redress the balance. no you would assume they are all bad. so why believe the opposite of what is rational when it comes to religion. many things are not possible though. its impossible to lick your elbow without severing your limb. its impossible to fly without technology. its impossible to make something without the right ingredients. but you people actually believe that a god that came from nothing and nowhere with omnipotence and decided to give us horrible lives for the sins of two people who didnt know right from wrong when he could do anything. and you call him perfect. yea thats not plausible to me and this god is not perfect and chances are hes not omnipotent or omniscient either so i have to say no not everything is possible and id hope that not everything was possible if i wasnt smart enough to know its not but smart enough to know what that would mean. if god is able to prevent evil but not willing then he is malevolent and i wouldnt want to spend eternity with an all knowing malevolent god.

  • It is not possible for politicians to make smart decisions, so anything is not possible.

  • It's not possible to detonate sticks of TNT inserted in to your anus and be ok..

  • Its impossible for the viewer of this comment to not have read this comment, even though I have read it so it is already impossible.

    Posted by: linky1
  • You cannot create or destroy matter :P

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Conservative101 says2014-04-03T18:49:15.3665988-05:00
@jrrjacques, its possible. How is it not?
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T18:51:41.4927355-05:00
Man will never be able to create entire universal laws and have all work perfectly the first go by just using brain power. If you believe man can then you have seen too many Disney movies.
Conservative101 says2014-04-03T18:53:15.0488775-05:00
You believe in miracles, right?
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T18:59:39.8228775-05:00
I believe in Biblical miracles that were the work of God. I do not believe in miracles made by man. Do you believe that in reality none of us actually exist and that we are all actually in a video game of Sims 3?
Conservative101 says2014-04-03T19:13:38.5724775-05:00
It's possible. Doesn't mean I believe it's true. However, there is always that 0.000001% chance
jrrjacques says2014-04-03T19:17:49.3892775-05:00
In this case I believe your statistics are false. Scenario, now hypothetically (for I do not know if you are a Christian) if the Bible is 100% true then is it possible for Satan to overcome God?
IamPlato says2014-04-04T05:16:08.3661823-05:00
Yes, pretty much
jrrjacques says2014-04-07T13:47:29.4552979-05:00
Mr. IamPlato who was that comment directed to for I am very much befuddled.

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