• Yes

  • No

8% 5 votes
92% 57 votes
  • As previously said, define useless. Art is fun, a good way to chill down (making or examining), and it has little practical use. I guess maybe I should vote no, because I do everything better with music, and a handful of others do as well.

  • Art is an expression of human creativity. Without our creativity, we lose a substantial piece of our psyche.

    Posted by: brickd
  • Not useless. Getting involved in the arts can improve one's reading, math, verbal skill, cognitive ability, and critical thinking. One can even benefit from increased motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.

  • Art helps people express themselves. It gives people an outlet and something to help them be who they are.

  • "We have art so that we do no perish from the truth." -F. Nietzsche Beautiful, provocative art makes the world a terrific place to live.

  • Define useless? It doesn't change the world very often, and it doesn't cure cancer, but it can convey ideas more efficiently than anything else, and even when it's not written in this purpose, it can still be beautiful, soothing or god knows what. So no, it's not really useless.

  • Of course no, the simple fact that allows so many people to express them self ..it is worth it to exist!!

  • Art boost the skill off creativity .Its 1st step of all the invention.

  • For wherever you put your eyes into, you can see art . Arts is everywhere and you can't say that it is useless for there would be no life without it.

  • Art can help people create a sense of self, clear their mind, and help deal with stress. Personally, I create art when I need to calm down and organize my thoughts by thinking about what I am stressing over less.

  • life without art is boring

  • No. Art, like other forms of expression, always depict the period's political scene, social mores, struggles, advances, ....a vast myriad of topics that may not be able to be expressed openly with the voice. As with every other mode of expression, art is a part of the collective puzzle that brings the 'picture' [no pun] a whole concept of knowledge interwoven and connected.

  • Useless is subjective, so my opinion regarding this matter is subjective as well...But art consumes my very life/being, so in my opinion it is anything but useless.

  • Art is, has been and always will be an outlet for people to project their emotions and/or opinions about their era and society, which terminally helps them to find their own individual. It, in my humble opinion is a great way to share different kind opinions with different kind of people who originate from different places and different cultures. The presence of different opinions can cause much upheaval and debate but it is the vital sign of a free society. As Voltaire once said, "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it", and hence you are free to condone art all you want but you can't take the freedom to create it away from those who may want to do so.

  • Art is a form of expressing one's emotions and feelings. It's a form of literature and express's one creativity. Sometimes without art we may not understand one another.

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Juan_Pablo says2013-09-17T14:52:55.2940679-05:00
Beautiful, provocative art makes the world a terrific place to live.
racha3lturlte says2013-10-17T14:40:25.9315979-05:00
Art is the defintion of self-expression.

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