Is being a Housewife a job?

Posted by: ArjunAnand

Please answer i am doing this for a french project and take into account what having a job actually means and not just what you think the right thing to say is. I feel people get confused between the two so chose accordingly.

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thymeless says2018-11-30T04:48:21.6429183Z
It can contribute significantly to the operation of a family with children. Frequently the income of the working spouse increases because they are not as time constrained and can devote extra time and energy. The monetary benefit is often more than can be earned by the stay at home parent in a two children family. But location, Economy and many other factors have tobe consideredto calculate if the value is there in any specific situation.
robloxqueen43 says2018-12-05T17:26:10.4288058Z
Women are obligated to work at home their whole lives. Change my mind.
Dalerius says2019-03-12T05:39:17.7540279Z
Is being a househusband a job? Wooh that sounds weird, Should be used more often.

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