Is being female a merit?

Posted by: Cat47

Before Trump was elected, many people voted for Hillary for being a woman, which was seemingly one of her main focuses.

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RickieDaDebater says2016-12-11T02:54:07.5165819Z
Obviously, especially in this day and age, and even more so if the liberal/feminist* movement continues. The fact that all the women/male cucks voted no simply proves my point. You can get away with anything, get presents and be praised, which is literally what the definition of merit (the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward). Women are defined in society as worthy princesses, and for example, if I was in a relationship with woman, she would be automatically be deemed worthy of all my presents, rings, hands in marriage, and even my life.
Cat47 says2016-12-11T02:58:40.7542266Z
Women aren't really defined as worthy princesses by everyone in society, except themselves.
Cat47 says2016-12-11T03:07:46.7577266Z
Also, because of this view, alot of men are refusing relationships.

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