Is being gay a choice or is it genetic?

Is homosexuality a choice, or is it inborn?

  • Choice

  • Genetic

33% 40 votes
67% 82 votes
  • It is a choice.

  • There are plenty of people who have been one or the other and switched over. Then there's bi-sexuality, so even if it's decided ahead of time that you'll lean to being gay/straight/bi I think you can choose who you'll love on your own.

  • There is confusion between homosexuality and orientation. No one truly consciously choose what he wants or desires. But still, orientation is a state of mind, and every state of mind can be subject to change. Homosexual behavior is a volunteer and deliberate (Unless rape is involved) act. Desiring something justifies a behavior as much as desire justifies murder and pedophilia. Calling it genetic requires scientific proof, it is not a matter of popularity or bandwagon fallacies.

  • its horrible

    Posted by: SteDOG
  • Its by choice. How can you be born gay? it's your choice to decide that not your genetics

  • its impossible for it not to be a choice, your not a robot, you dont have to kiss a person of the same gender if you dont want to, its your choice.

  • people are not born gay just like people are not born catholic or republican. Homosexuality and all those different sexual fetishes where created by society therefore you cannot be born gay. It is all about the world you grow up in. For example if you are born in a Catholic family you will most likely be Catholic because this is the religion you have been taught. In ancient Greece it was normal to have sex with other men because woman where viewed as slaves in there society to have sex with a man was almost a holy event. There is no definitive proof to show I am wrong that I know of.

  • i do recall we have free will

  • Why wasn't there gay people a hundred years ago? Because they chose not to be gay. How do you "pro gay marriage" people explain the many people who choose to be homosexual today? It doesn't make sense. I believe God created us in order for reproduction. Adam and Steve can't do that. Oh and BTW God is our creator so we should listen to what HE says about homosexuality...

  • Disagreement is not hate, stop using it an an excuse. Some links for you.

    Posted by: AK90
  • It's a choice. You choose to become who you are now, you were not born that way.

  • yes it is choice because i used to have a friend that is gay and then he chose to not be gay

  • It's actually neither. You do not choose who to love. Though if you think it is genetic well you need to go get some education and learn about it.

  • Its obviously genetic no one chooses to be anything.

  • Not in all cases, but mostly genetic.

  • Evidence from neurology shows this. I think the philosophy can be used too. Why would someone choose to be gay? Because they like it? Can you just flip on and off what you like? Can you just flip a switch and not be attracted to women or men? I couldn't.

  • One CHOOSES to cover one's sexuality, one CHOOSES to act different, one CHOOSES to wear a mask. One is BORN with who they really are. One is BORN with their sexuality.

  • Magic8000 makes a good point. Regardless of my moral beliefs, I don't have any sexual attraction to men. It just isn't in my brain chemistry.

  • I can assure you, I never chose to be gay. Persecution and hatred towards me never would never have seemed like a great option ;)

  • This isn't a question of opinion. This is a matter of fact. We even know what factors influence the genetic expression.

    Posted by: vortux

  • I think you just develop the attraction to whomever.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Honestly.

    Posted by: Numble
  • A lot of people say that it's a choice because people often change their sexual interests in their life, but that doesn't mean that they just decided to do it. It's more of a new discovery and realization. You may spend your entire life thinking you like only girls and then suddenly you see another guy and you're attracted to him. It just happens. You didn't know you liked boys in the past because there were none you had happened to like at all. You'd never had the experience.

  • Brother has been gay since birth... I distinctly remember telling my mom as soon as he could talk that he was going to be gay.

  • Baby I was born this way

  • Epigenetic and 'environmental', more like. Caused by factors that we have no control over. I assume that all the people voting 'Choice' all explicitly, consciously choose to be sexually attracted to the opposite gender? 'Desire' is not the same thing as 'act'; nor is 'state of mind' the same thing as 'choice'. One can choose to engage in homosexual behavior without actually being homosexual; one cannot 'choose' to actually be sexually attracted to their own gender. That's not how it works. For example, I can choose to go watch soap opera; I cannot 'choose' to actually *like* watching soap opera.

  • Homosexuality is not a choice anymore than heterosexuality is a choice.

  • It has been scientifically proven that there is a slight hormonal imbalance in gay people.

  • It's genetic. I know. But it's not totally genetic. There are environmental influences in play

    Posted by: JDuB
  • Clearly are born this way. Why would anyone choose to be discriminated against and hated by a large group of people in the country?

  • Did you choose to be heterosexual?

  • I guess...

  • Aside from scientific evidence, which I know many of the right-wing evangelicals choose to blindly refute anyways, it makes hardly any sense rationally whatsoever for someone to CHOOSE to be attracted to the same sex. Humans generally want to feel accepted and "normal." Given the obstacles and hatred many homosexual individuals face, why on earth would someone choose this willfully? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that, yes, you CAN choose which person, where, when, or why you decide to perform actual intercourse, with the exception of rape. However, a person that is not attracted to the person they're attempting to sleep with will not feel the same, if any, satisfaction compared to sleeping with someone that they ARE attracted to. If may even be impossible, in regards to the anatomical functioning required for male penetrative intercourse, for the person to have sex with someone of the sex/gender they're not attracted to. Therefore, it is only logical for an average human being, that has the normal, universal need to be loved and to love, to do what feels natural to them; i.e. sleep with the sex/gender they are attracted to! I don't understand why this concept is so hard to grasp for some people, but I assume it is because they A. interpret the question differently, B. are holding onto personal vendettas against homosexual people, or C. can't comprehend the attraction because of their heterosexual privilege.

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democratblake says2015-03-24T19:49:16.7284531-05:00
There were gay people 100 years ago. There were not as many because they would be hated on incredibly much. Even more than you haters today
democratblake says2015-03-24T19:50:16.6529249-05:00
Also they have done studies and tests. It is not a choice
Leaning says2018-07-14T15:39:23.3805226Z
Both, I think.

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