• Yes

  • No

82% 14 votes
18% 3 votes
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reece says2015-03-25T18:51:55.9176983-05:00
I believe this poll isn't worth voting on.
Sophia13 says2015-03-26T10:51:15.0456213-05:00
@Rhodesia79, you can't "pray the gay away". God's inbox is too full of starving babies and cancer. He doesn't have time to fix someone who isn't broken.
Rhodesia79 says2015-03-26T12:11:35.9902257-05:00
Everyone knows that God puts the punishing of those who practice sin (gays) at the top of his list. God although doesn't want to if he doesn't have to so when they pray to be fixed God gets right on it.
Sophia13 says2015-03-26T12:22:12.6913569-05:00
God loves all his children. He's not going to punish them for love.
mdmark says2015-04-08T13:52:07.6476895-05:00
You Christians should read your own book. It says that gays are an abomination. And based upon evolution being gay hurts mankind.
Sophia13 says2015-04-08T19:23:25.8828254-05:00
@mdmark: First of all, don't try to push your religion down people's throats. Second of all, the entire human race is not suddenly going to become gay and stop reproducing. The mass majority of the population is straight.
Sophia13 says2015-04-08T19:24:18.3272140-05:00
Also, I find it amusing that you encouraged people to read the Bible and then brought up the theory of evolution as one of your arguments.

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