Is "Black Lives Matter" the next Black Panter Group?

Posted by: lannan13

  • Yes

  • No

15% 2 votes
85% 11 votes
  • The Black Panthers were far more extreme (and had an cooler name).

  • the Black Panthers were far more heavily armed.

  • The group itself IS NOT, the people who misrepresent it IS.

  • No because they mostly aren't radicals.

  • Black Lives Matter is not an organized, militant group to my knowledge. It is mostly, IMO, a slogan that is supposed to represent the unneccessary killing of blacks by law enforcement officers. I think the killings that sparked this movement were not reported accurately by the liberal press, who conveniently left out, Michael Brown's assault on a convenience store clerk and other details of the "gentle giant' who was severely beating the police officer who was investigating the robbery/assault call. I believe the group should be focused on all the innocent black children being gunned down in inner-city gang wars. In large cities such as Chicago, hundreds of blacks are murdered each year by rival black gang members and often children are killed in the cross fire. The liberal press largely ignores these murders of innocent black children for some reason.

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