Is buddhism a religion or a ideology/philosophy?

Posted by: Mathgeekjoe

This question stemmed from a comments section of another pull. I was curious about the topic so I made this poll.

  • Religion

  • Ideology/philosophy

16% 3 votes
84% 16 votes
  • It is a way of life not a religion.

  • By Joe's definition of religion, it is certainly one, and in a way it's both, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd pick philosophy. Buddhism offers a worldview that constitutes, to my understanding, a system of thought.

  • Depends on your interpretation and practice - somewhat like Christianity (although Buddhism is more legit).

  • It a philosophy. A path to enlightenment. Not a religion

  • Let me paraphrase the budda, "I'm not God, don't pray to me for answers, meditate for enlightenment" if anything budda was an atheist and I might ad a dead beat dad who abandoned his family to selfishly satisfy his questioning. Homeless hippies are the real modern budist, budism is just listening to a hippies insights.

    Posted by: Macfoo
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Stefy says2015-05-17T09:29:59.6105402-05:00
It can be either depending on how you view/practice it. Some combine it with a diety and some just do it on its own it just dependanon your interpretation. Anyway the sunstance of buddhism is more important than how you label it.
PetersSmith says2015-05-17T12:25:15.3777560-05:00
It's a nontheistic religion.
KidMedic says2015-07-12T21:26:32.1026899-05:00
It's actually both.

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