• Yes, it's beneficial.

  • No, it's harmful.

30% 17 votes
70% 39 votes
  • To a certain point it is. You have to be able to deal with jerks.

  • Bullying can help with character building and makes sure your child is not a little pussy that thinks their feelings are more important than others.

    Posted by: benjr
  • cause its so funny

    Posted by: Will8
  • Why is this a poll? I thought the answer would be obvious

  • Bullying is just mean I see no reason it can be beneficial

  • pretty apparent that bullying leads to negative mental effects/problems...

  • Because it can cause your self confidence to get destroyed which is bad

  • How the flips is this even being considered??! Bullying is WRONG. It is horrible and leaves people scarred for life. I don't see how anything positive could come out of such an atrocity.

  • Bullying is never beneficial. We grow with positive affirmations, no negative. A person who is self confident will not be affected by bullies anyways.

  • I hate people who think bullying is ok and its not I'm someone who gets bullied and I stand up for myself and that does not make me a pussy

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DeathWolf_RedBlood says2018-01-26T01:51:34.9236248Z
Bullying tore me to pieces when i was younger (7-15). I gave me suicidal thoughts straight for over 3 years. My parents sent me to 6 psychiatrists in 1 year once and even more the next. Bully's took so much of my life away from me and to think that people think it's good for anyone adults and especially kids, that just makes me sick. It traumatized me and made me so insecure and I still an't over all of it. And when I was 7-15 most nights I would cry myself to sleep so much that no sound would come out so think how the others that are being bullied feels.
jenna011 says2018-01-26T02:59:14.7896869Z
Bullying is NOT okay. There is a difference between BULLYING and being RUDE. Bullying is REPETITIVE, being rude is NOT REPETITIVE. This shouldn't even be a question! People, even CHILDREN have suicidal thoughts over bullying. BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!
Perussi says2018-01-26T12:19:48.0848015Z
We aren't arguing if it is good or not, it is DEFINATELY bad but it is a part of growing up. You've gotta deal with crap.
Shinyguyyug says2018-02-18T03:14:25.0617204Z
Bullying can have two outcomes, the bullying can bring you down and prevent you from advancing with your life, possibly suicide, or it can make you a strong person who overcomes the problems you face. It depends, as many things do.

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