Is California's ban on retail sale of the Confederate flag okay?

Posted by: bettabreeder

In the beginning of the month, California put a ban on the Confederate flag saying "Freedom of speech isn't for 'hate' The ban does not go to historical articles and you are still allowed to have on in state. If you are not ignorant and sadly Cali is, you will know that people of all races died from a tyrant's usless war!

  • Yes! It should be banned, its a symbol of "Hate"

  • No! Native Americans, Whites and Blacks all fought under the Confederate flag and is a symbol of heritage and pride

29% 7 votes
71% 17 votes
  • It's the flag of a country that betrayed the Union, and in my authoritarian perspective, it represents rebellion, which is something I'm almost entirely opposed against, and yes, it is used commonly by hate groups. Think of what the specific group oppressed by the CSA would think of this flag flying anywhere. You could argue that banning it violates freedom of speech, but then, I'm opposed to the idea of complete freedom of speech. Non-debatable and I don't need any hate-mail.

  • While I certainly don't support the Confederates, I think banning the sale of the flag is just dumb. The Confederate flag itself doesn't harm anybody, so there's no reason for the state to put restrictions on it within the free market. Unless I'm missing something here, this is a pointless ban that is taking personal opinions and turning them into law.

    Posted by: Seido
  • Tip the the author of this poll: There's a comment option for a reason. I don't need you giving the 'no' option an opinion I don't share.

  • Dear OP: Make it a yes/no thing. I'm against California's ban because it's a violation of Free Speech... Not for any of the reasons you listed. Don't assume you know why people believe something. Just give a simple answer, and let them explain why they believe in it if they want to.

  • Would you expect anything different to come out of California?

  • On one hand, I feel it is free speech & California has a history connected to this flag. On the other hand, it is their state & their choice. Many states, for a variety of reasons, do not preserve their heritage.

  • The confederate flag doesn't really resemble slavery anymore, sooooo... nope, its not right.

  • It's unconstitutional to ban any flag. Freedom of expression is part of the freedom of speech.

    Posted by: vivia
  • This could actually qualify as a violation of the first amendment. It's freedom of expression. I don't support the Confederacy at all, but there are other people who do.

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FuzzyCatPotato says2014-05-18T19:55:09.8290636-05:00
I don't support the ban. But I definitely don't support "No! Native Americans, Whites and Blacks all fought under the Confederate flag and is a symbol of heritage and pride". If only you had provided a third option that didn't assume that the Confederacy wasn't an ass-backward slavery-supporting racist country...
SNP1 says2014-05-18T19:57:35.9659837-05:00
I do not support the ban because it is freedom of expression, however it is not a symbol of heritage and pride.
jwcmcorbin says2014-05-18T22:28:17.0590636-05:00
Well the maker of this poll surely is one sided, but still no the flags sale should not be banned
texans14 says2014-06-26T09:54:33.1866957-05:00
It's not a symbol of hate and rebellion, it's purely heritage.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-24T22:08:00.1792060Z
It's a symbol and it only has the meaning that everyone attributes to it. It isn't really a symbol of hate, and it also isn't really a symbol of heritage. I view it as the symbol of a failed nation. I've never understood it being a symbol of pride and heritage. Why? Your ancestors built an economy that relied on slave labor when the leaders of their nation tried to force them to give up that factor: they rebelled and were brutally, even if slightly, vanquished. What is there to be proud of? I mean, not only does that pride not belong to you because you didn't do it, but all they did was build an economy off of an evil institution and then their resistance was proven to be futile when they tried to fight back and lost. But California shouldn't have banned it: that's stupid.

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