• Yes, it is

  • No, it's not

83% 30 votes
17% 6 votes
  • Whatever is dishonourable in war must be used.

    Posted by: Kc1999
  • In real life, Yes. In video games, no.

  • The tactics behind camping in both the games and in real life revolve around the "staying alive" and accumulating kills goals which in both environments are praised and used to gain rewards. Camping is a strategy (Albeit an annoying one which is infamous and hated in the gaming world) and might even be one of the few in shooting video games. If cleverly picking a blind spot to use as a method of not only staying alive but to accumulate kills isn't a strategy is that saying that randomly running around and spraying is?

  • Actually, In the game Team Fortress 2, there is a class known as the engineer. He pretty much camps for the entire game but he supplies his allies with ammo, health, and a good defense.

  • Camping is a legit strategy. If you found a point where you can shoot (or whatever) an opponent, than it is a legit strategy. However, if it is somewhere like a spawn point, then the details get a bit hazy in my opinion.

    Posted by: Rim
  • Camping is a legitimate strategy whether you like it or not. I can understand if you don't like the camping in which someone is hiding in the darkest corner waiting for someone to walk by. But, if it's the camping where someone is holding down a chokepoint or some other high-traffic area, then it's legit. If you keep getting killed by the same camper over and over, then it's your fault. Don't blame the camper, blame yourself unless if you didn't know you couldn't see him or you didn't know he was there. People get this notion that you have to run around in games. They treat that like it's the law. I'm here to support the idea that anybody can play however they want unless if it's not cheating. Hacking/modding/glitching should be the only ways that are considered cheating. Camping is 100% legit as long as if it's objective.

  • Camping is easy camping is fun do it easy kills

  • Camping is a real military tactic. It is a strategy to help get the upper hand. When the seal team did the mission to capture Osama, was Osama doing a 360 quick-scope with a dragonov when the seals came in? NO. (actually, he used 1 of his 113 wives as a human shield) Camping=strategy

  • The problem with military simulations is that the fighting, even in games such as Battlefield, is done with little regard to one's life in the game. A game with the "respawning" mechanic will always be unrealistic due to too little emphasis on preservation of one's life. Just my opinion. I don't play these games; I merely consider myself a strategist. Camping is ALWAYS a viable, legitimate strategy. Which is more important- your" kill-death ratio," or your life? In real war, number of kills doesn't matter. What I consider to be a worthwhile war would be a war with as few casualties, at least on one's own side, as possible. War is a disease that needs to be cured; the more cleanly it is cured, the better. Deterrence and forced surrender is always more favorable than complete annihilation of the enemy. The goal is to win the war and ensure as much safety as possible for one's comrades, not to kill as many of the enemy as possible. At least in real life.

  • Sometimes going head-on against someone is a bad idea.

  • It's annoying as hell, but it is a strategy. A damn good one at that. It annoys people because people who play games like Call of Duty like much more f ast paced, run and gun action, so someone who doesn't do what the social "norm" is, would be considered annoying and not a true gamer or something. It makes it quite easier as most people are running around and you can take them out easily. However, it would be VERY boring if everyone camped and treated war games like real life.

  • In any good strategy based fps (CS:GO not COD) you should have the skill to check corrners

  • In my family we have at least one camper for certain maps on others we run around and kill anything that we find that is kill able. so yes camping is a legit strategy. Camping allows you to provide cover fire for your teammates.

  • I agree that camping may be used more or less in real life, especially by snipers. But in video games they should just give everyone an assault rifle and force them to run around the map and play the game like its supposed to be played. Campers are people who either refuse to play the game, don't know how to play the game or are just bad at the game. Camping is the cancer that killed Call of Duty which, despite all the negative reviews people give it, had the potential to be a halfway decent game.

  • I always run around i dont camp its so anoying when i die by campers

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Faifig says2014-05-12T08:04:26.5346057-05:00
If it works, its a strategy. "Hardscoping, Noobtubing, and camping" are all perfectly fine. In war, some snipers camp and look through their scopes for months. Thats the strategy that real soldiers use. Thats more realistic then running around with a knife and a tomahawk trying to 360 everyone.
debate_power says2014-08-26T15:18:29.8265807-05:00
Even hacking, against the rules, is still a viable strategy, because it can be done and is effective.
debate_power says2014-08-26T15:19:40.2432902-05:00
Shame they can't incorporate diplomacy into the more realistic shooter games. The best type of war is the type where no shots are fired. Right up the ladder is no war whatsoever!
penguin558 says2014-11-23T09:14:14.6982918-06:00
In any good strategy based fps (CS:GO not COD) you should have the skill to check corrners
Mister_Man says2014-11-23T11:09:42.6278252-06:00
Read Faifig's comment for the first time and laughed, thanks.

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