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dwatson_icms says2015-03-17T08:35:07.6443099-05:00
Why is it not a sport????
Stefy says2015-03-17T09:13:02.5105996-05:00
Whenever a sport is female dominated it is suddenly "not a real sport" think about it. Gymnastics, horseback fiding, competative figure skating, cheerleading, sometimes softball
Peacesign5 says2016-02-15T00:42:52.5626903Z
Cheer is a sport . We compete. We are athletic. We are flexible. We are hard working. We try our best. We are strong. We are a family. I have played lots of sports and cheer and cross country are the hardest .
CHEERISOASPORT says2016-07-04T22:42:10.3517183Z
You don’t think that cheer is a sport? Why not? Is it because we cheer on the sidelines? That is cheerleading. Most cheerleaders do cheer. Cheer is when you go to competitions. And normally, cheerleading goes on a high schools, and cheer goes on a gym. Is it because we always look happy? 75% of the time, we’re pretending. We train ourselves, because if we aren’t smiling, there’s a big deduction that could cost us first place. Why is soccer a sport? All they do is kick a ball around, I swear they have anger issues. Why does football exist? They throw balls and never actually catch it. If the do (which would be a miracle ) they fumble it At least in cheer, we actually catch our girls 99% of the time. Why is baseball a sport? Thier field is diamond shaped, but the game goes in a circular motion. Why is tennis a sport? All they do is hit a ball and hope it goes over the net. Same thing with volley ball. Why is track a sport? All they do is run in ovals. Why is basketball a sport? All they do is run around and throw a ball. Faced with these facts, now do you see why cheer is a sport? We jump several feet of the ground, we hold girls above our head while they’re on one leg, we jump backwards and flip in the air with no hands on the ground. We run around, and we dance our hearts out. So now, tell me cheer isn’t a sport. Still not convinced? Come on to the mat and do a cheer routine with any cheer team. Stunts and all. Better yet, walk a day in our really uncomfortable shoes, and go to practice three times a week, because, at the end of the day, you’ll be asking someone to carry you instead of walking. Plus, cheer is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. We get concussions frequently, and every year about 26,786 cheerleaders go to the emergency room, and another 10,000 cheerleaders go to the hospital with a broken bone. Research shows that the main reasons girls say that cheer isn’t a sport is because they’re jealous, and the main reason that boys say that it isn’t a sport is because they try to convince themselves against their will. Do you think that cheerleaders are dumb and are obsessed with their looks based on what you see in movies and television shows? So not true. Most of us make honor roll, if not high honors. And most days, we want to just wear sweats, but we force ourselves to wear something acceptable. But if you still don’t think that cheer isn’t a sport, so what? Cheer is fun, so it doesn’t matter what you think. Even though it is totally a SPORT!

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