Is Christianity a peaceful religion?

Posted by: Politics2016

Is Christianity a peaceful religion?

  • Yes! :)

  • No! :(

46% 22 votes
54% 26 votes
  • Have any of you guys heard of Jesus?

  • Christianity is a peaceful religion, it has just been used by people who are not and totally twisted into something it was never meant to be. In the Bible Jesus preaches love and understanding, it is human beings who have chosen not to listen to him. God is not at fault for our mistakes and the religion of Christianity should not be blamed

    Posted by: kwells
  • Christianity is based on the person and teachings of Jesus, the Christ, who was and is a man of peace in the best sense of the word. Note that does not mean all his followers or those claiming to speak for him were or are people of peace. It does mean that Christianity has over the centuries brought more peace into the world. History is complex and it takes time to find out what is the influence of a movement. Christianity is one of the oldest religions, and has been a movement for peace overall.

  • We kill no one, our God died for each of us.

  • My answer in response to is it depends. DEFINITELY A YES FOR PURE CHRISTIANITY, because JESUS was a peaceful man that never touched a sword and prayerfully submitted to execution. He only had 3 years to teach his followers to do the same and they did so for 300 years and got killed in large numbers and yet pure Christianity survived following its early martyrs Stephen, Peter, Paul etc. This is a miracle. On balance Jesus did cause offense and division and prophesied destruction, but this is only a passive form of offence that admittedly has caused ideological division which others have used to justify physical violence. After 300 years Christianity has gradually changed wherever it became a state religion, got mixed up with power and became compromised or corrupted. For compromised Christianity my answer is DEFINITELY A NO - SECULARIZED CHRISTIANITY IS NOT ITS FOUNDERS TYPE OF CHRISTIANITY. Fortunately many individual Christians nowadays live PURE CHRISTIANITY again.

  • Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Spanish Armada, Catholic Vs. Protestant terrorism in Ireland, Burning "witches" at the stake, Catholic antisemitism influencing Hitler, Bombing abortion clinics and stem cell research labs, Banning condoms in AIDS-ridden Uganda, Encouraging genital mutilation and rapes by "Hyenas" in Africa, ALL of these things have been done in the name of Christianity. Christianity has historically been extremely violent, and continues to inspire violence today. There is no such thing as a "peaceful religion", as some members of every major religion have committed violent acts which they never would have dreamed of committing were they not religious.

  • All religions have dogma making them indistinguishable from any political organization. There are even Christian political parties and, despite the Tea Party claiming they are secular, all of their members are fundamentalists!

  • The Crusades unholy war to slaughter Muslims, the Inquisition unholy war to slaughter Jews, the violent anti-Semitic message from the founder of the Lutheran Church (which, centuries later, was the inspiration for Adolf Hitler's "Final Solution"), the Conquistadors unholy war to slaughter Native Americans, the Salem Witch Trials and the ultimate culmination of the Lutheran founder's call to Christians to slaughter Jews and take their things: Adolf Hitler. Islaamic extremists are working hard to catch up, but thus far they have spilt nowhere near the amount of blood as the Christians.

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ladiesman says2016-09-23T16:32:14.7792474Z
The essence of all the major world religions is the same if not similar virtues; compassion, kindness, altruism, treating all people equally, respect for human life, etc. Violence occurs when people twist their faith to rationalize and/or justify their personal prejudices.
wuliheron says2016-09-23T17:09:59.3053635Z
All religions have dogma making them political organizations by definition. The Tea Party insists they are a secular political party, yet, all of their members are fundamentalists and to go down that road splitting semantic hairs is build your own tower of Babel.
Quadrunner says2016-09-23T21:21:22.0142220Z
These things are so stupid. It is what you make of it. Wisdom is found where the wise seek it.
wuliheron says2016-09-23T22:10:13.9970052Z
That must be why you come to this website! Please, oh enlightened one, tell more about where to find wisdom!
Grizzly-Jones says2016-09-25T13:04:37.5694885Z
@NewLifeChristian Yea, what is your point? Jesus doesn't himself represent the religion.
NewLifeChristian says2016-09-26T22:13:19.4772701Z
@Grizzly-Jones Ha ha. You must be kidding . . . Of course Jesus Himself represents Christianity. He is the founder of Christianity. Not only that, but He chooses who His true followers are. And if His alleged "followers" are stirring up trouble and not keeping the peace, then they sure as heck aren't real Christians.
Grizzly-Jones says2016-09-26T22:14:26.1676976Z
Yup, you are just like the rest of them.. No point talking to you. I'm sure Timothy McVeigh and Bin Laden are devout followers of their religion lol.
NewLifeChristian says2016-09-26T22:30:20.3980696Z
@Grizzly-Jones Christianity is a peaceful religion. Just look through the Bible for goodness sake. Tell me where it encourages or commands unjust violence . . . It doesn't.
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-27T22:09:03.0681742Z
Please @grizzly-jones, get some education of some sort. Christianity is based on the person of jesus christ. Christ is in the word itself!
Toeasty says2016-10-21T23:57:00.0639932Z
"we kill no one, our God died for each of us" soooo, god is dead?
DiEgO123100 says2016-10-22T16:07:57.6345447Z
God the Son died for our sins, then resurrected. So, God is not dead.
imjustsomeopinion says2016-12-03T23:11:18.6372838Z
God is peaceful? Christianity is peaceful? That's a laugh. For christianity you have things like the inquisition and the crusades. I don't what circumstances there are, these were crimes committed by christianity. You can't just push those crimes aside like they were nothing. They happened and they can't be excused and ignored when questions like these pop up. As for god just look at the bible. There is violence everywhere. God commenting on how he hates people. Telling one of his his prophets to go with a prostitute. Killing children. Killing the entire world. God and chritsianity are violent and that is something you have to live with.
DiEgO123100 says2017-02-23T22:58:06.5572338Z
Yeah true for the inquisitions and crusades, but we don't typically do violent things. If we did, you would hear about it and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be safe to go outside.

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