• Yes

  • No

50% 9 votes
50% 9 votes
  • Although I am an atheist, I find Christmas an important part of growing up. It helps with your personal experiences and it reduces stress. It is unfair to exclude a child from such a widely celebrated festival because you do not believe that they should celebrate it. Not celebrating Christmas can have an impact on younger children's lives since other children will think that they are strange and the child may be bullied as a result.

  • Christmas brings hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy and boosts the stocks markets through from October through December.

  • Many industries would crash and burn without Christmas- for instance the gaming industry depends very heavily on holiday sales. Turkey sales would be in trouble. Obviously, on the individual level, not 100% necessary. But on a large scale level, the economy would suffer greatly without it.

  • Alright fine, if you don't think Christmas is necessary, we won't celebrate your birthday, either. I mean, if we don't celebrate God, why should we celebrate a tiny human?

  • yes but not the way it is portrayed today it should be used to celebrate the birth of Jesus instead of getting what u want

  • From a religious perspective, economic perspective, and a family-perspective, yes. Christmas supports religion, it boosts the economy, and it may be the one chance that some families can get together.

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Balacafa says2015-09-19T14:43:53.4143646Z
@gabep - please provide a reason. It has no major disadvantages, so I do not see the problem with it. Please respond here in the comments of message me privately.
gabep says2015-09-19T14:46:35.9050062Z
Definition of necessary from Merriam-Webster - absolutely needed : required. Christmas is not absolutely needed. People can survive without it.
Balacafa says2015-09-19T14:46:56.0291352Z
For some reason 2 out of 3 votes is deemed to be 67%. They probably rounded it but still....
Balacafa says2015-09-19T14:53:46.9981696Z
@gabep - This isn't a debate so the definitions are not strict. Your view on the word necessary is different to mine. Thanks for the feedback though.
Donderpants says2015-09-20T09:17:44.0697294Z
@Balacafa- Really? I think the definition of it even in a normal context is what gabep said.

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