• Yes

  • No

80% 16 votes
20% 4 votes
  • It is possible - the technology is getting significantly more advanced.

  • Unless the concept is paradoxical or contradictory with scientific discoveries, it is not impossible. Therefore, possible.

  • I don't like to say things are impossible, because frequently we've gone and done things that were thought impossible. But cold fusion seems extremely improbable.

  • No. Cold Fusion is a quack science. There is no accepted scientific model to explain how it is even possible.

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Juan_Pablo says2013-10-01T02:42:43.1617645-05:00
By the way, cold fusion should be confused with accepted nuclear fusion reactions, which occur in some stars (and require lots of energy to take place).
Juan_Pablo says2013-10-01T02:42:56.4841645-05:00
*should not

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