Is con considered a hate part worthey of being band frome the sight

Posted by: smallaaro

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Depends on the words

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Get off i just want to couse truble

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smallaaro says2014-05-28T11:52:51.8905052-05:00
Sorry wroung pick up top
beard-man says2014-05-28T11:56:45.0771868-05:00
You called me a noob
ELI1 says2014-05-28T11:57:35.6010959-05:00
You did call him a noob
smallaaro says2014-05-28T11:57:52.0003288-05:00
No i did not do u have proof that i did no any person can look at what i said and see i did not so stop being mean
ELI1 says2014-05-28T11:58:40.0167853-05:00
Dude were right next to you we heard you call him a noob
smallaaro says2014-05-28T12:00:30.9178962-05:00
No i did not even if i did we were freinds like 5 seconds ago so im made call me a hater if u want i dont care i have more guts on here than real life
beard-man says2014-05-28T12:00:52.0092314-05:00
Ok cartman
under_score says2014-05-28T22:59:57.4418723-05:00
If I could understand what the question was saying (correct spelling would help you out) then I would answer
smallaaro says2014-05-29T11:18:03.9624560-05:00
Is con worthey of being banded because it is a constit hating
smallaaro says2014-05-29T11:19:05.3484560-05:00
ELI1 and beard-man think so so we would not have a debate.Org
ELI1 says2014-05-29T11:20:08.6221524-05:00
We would to just it would be pointless
beard-man says2014-05-29T11:22:02.9396852-05:00
beard-man says2014-05-29T11:22:29.7765179-05:00
Cartman you on
ELI1 says2014-05-29T11:24:13.3721213-05:00
Dude of course he's on i mean he's right next to you
beard-man says2014-05-29T11:24:43.1995125-05:00
Wrong next to you
ELI1 says2014-05-29T11:25:10.3123791-05:00
So one seat away man come on
smallaaro says2014-05-29T11:25:49.4527791-05:00
Im not hosting a chat get of if it is to about the pole
beard-man says2014-05-29T11:26:36.5647791-05:00
One seat makes a big diffrence
ELI1 says2014-05-29T11:26:45.4255791-05:00
No you are not the boss of me aaron
beard-man says2014-05-29T11:27:02.9599791-05:00
No its not its about you
ELI1 says2014-05-29T11:27:08.7631791-05:00
No it doesn't
smallaaro says2014-05-29T11:30:19.4959109-05:00
Sorry my pers are being jerks so if u see this coment plese leave because i canot take it off (sadlly) so save your self the trip and go and forget about this
beard-man says2014-05-29T11:31:48.8455791-05:00
Where did cartman go
smallaaro says2014-05-29T11:36:41.0335791-05:00
Im sorry this is over and they can talk all they want
beard-man says2014-05-29T11:37:21.9681354-05:00
Jonbonbon says2014-05-29T12:32:13.4271264-05:00
Smallaaro, is English your second language?
smallaaro says2014-05-30T11:37:02.9916362-05:00
No my first and only it is just my key board sucks like crap

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