Is corruption inevitable in sport?

Posted by: Sportinaus

From the Ancient Greeks to the IOC and FIFA, scandals involving corruption are sadly common in sport. The sheer volume of such scandals might suggest that corruption and sport are linked, perhaps due to the money involved and the desire to win. Do you think that corruption in sport is inevitable?

  • Yes, there will always be corruption in sport

  • No, sport should be above such practices

80% 28 votes
20% 7 votes
  • Sport lacks adequate governance structures and, combined with the vast sums of money involved, it has become profitable for dishonest people.

  • Corruption is inevitable in Capitalism, so if the sport is within a Capitalistic society then yes it is. In fact not just capitalism I'd say any monetary based system.

  • When dealing with corruption in sport there are definetely certain factors to consider. Sports economist 'Szymanksi' says that it is about firstly that players are not paid enough, he uses the Pakistani cricketers and compares their pay to that of India's Cricket captain MS Dhoni who made $10M that year, yet corruption is evident as we looked at earlier this year with highly paid teams such as Juventus who had match fixing over a ten year period. When dealing with such high sums of money it is always an issue that people will cheat to win, the error that Szymanski makes is saying that is is not as evident in sports in which people are paid alot, the issue he makes with this statement is the research done by Cimpl, he discovers that in American professional sports, who "make more money in one year that many of us will make in our lifetimes" 78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players and baseball players at 4 times the rate of the general population declare bankruptcy within 5 years of retirement. what this stat means is that corruption which will allow players to make even more money is inevitable, when almost 4 out of every 5 NFL players that retire will be bankrupt within 5 years of retirement, therefore the amount of money that a player makes as a base salary is not relevant to their ability to be susceptible to corruption. As we looked at the Klitgaard corruption equation, the simple fact that this exists is proof that it is rampant and inevitable. the other issue that Szymanksi brings up is illegal gambling, if gambling is done underground it is impossible for people to track the betting through the new technology that exists now and as underground betting is done by criminals it would often mean nothing to them to get in on the fix. in closing these above stats and scholarly articles show us that corruption is inevitable, the salary of players do not matter, as bankruptcy is a rampant issue in professional sports retirement and underground gambling

  • Corruption in sports through ought Australia has been around for some time. There has been numerous high profile cases that have been combined with an increasing international focus that has seen a reassessment of the vulnerability of Australian sport. Illegal activities such as match fixing, use of inside information for betting purposes and the use of performance enhancing drugs e.g. Hormones steroids, beta blockers etc. the establishment of sport integrity units, inclusion of specialist intelligence units in law enforcement and the creation of new match-fixing offences.

  • Where there is money involved, corruption will follow. Especially when sports clubs are so heavily financed by off-field ventures such as sponsorships and merchandise sales, it is important for clubs to be successful in order to appeal to more people and organisations to gain their support through shirt sales, investment etc. As such, corruption is inevitable.

  • To be able to rule corruption out of sport would be like cutting drugs out of society, pretty much impossible. People believe in different values, some of which are ethical and others not so much. This makes it difficult to pursue those who are corrupt as it their determination is fierce.

  • Yes, there will always be corruption in sport. Sport is a window into modern society. If corruption is evident in modern society than it will also be seen in sport. Sport is a small scale of the publics actions and view of any matter. Sport will always publicise issues that are seen in society.

  • People accepting large sum of money to gain personal benefits will continue to cause corruption in sport as they are have a stronger desire to win than being ethical and honest

    Posted by: huynh
  • Corruption will always linger in the sporting industry for two reasons; 1. Corruption is a major part of social life and living in many countries around the world. So these practices are seen as normal and an everyday activity, therefore it carries through to the sporting industries within those countries. 2. Corruption happens behind close doors, away from the public's eye. Therefore even if there was to be a stop put on corruption in sport no one would know except for the parties involved that it is continuing to occur as they will not be broadcasting their actions to everyone. It will always remain very secretive.

  • Corruption is always going to exist. Sport is business, driven by a desire to improve monetary gain by teams, owners, players and consumers. Corruption is consistently dominating headlines on a wide array of media platforms from broadcast to print and social media. The UN convention against corruption is even prepared to categorised corruption as a "plague" that is infecting sport and all around it - as well as "eroding" the quality of life. Many types of corruption aren't even known to the average individual. For example, Football transfers often rely on third party agreements, pay offs and substantial fees to agents in order to complete the agreement. Agents can often abuse their role in order to improve personal reputations and improve themselves financially. Sticking with the sport of Football, FIFA was once viewed as one of the greatest and equally formed sporting governing body in the world. However, year after year, the cracks erode more heavily on the falling mountain that is FIFA. Corruption in the upper tiers of the FIFA hierarchy has caused the globe to build a momentous hatred against the organisation following Qatar's awarding of the World Cup in 2022. So far, thousands of deaths, as well as whole leagues being disrupted in the future are just some of the consequences of this decision, as well as fairer options such as Australia and the USA being stripped of the chance to host the pinnacle in world Sport. In conclusion, with the money in and around sport globally more prevalent then ever before, corruption in sport is always going to exist, in fact, it's only going to get worse.

  • Corruption exists within society and as sport is a reflection of society it also exists in sport. Corruption exists when stakes are high or when a lot of money is involved. In the sports context this is why we see corruption in major global sporting events such as the FIFA world cup and Olympic bids. People are willing to act corruptly if the benefits associated with the illegal dealings are of significant value to the individual e.g. bribes.

  • I believe corruption in Sport is still evident, when looking at cricket match fixing as an example the Indian cricket players were found guilty for there actions. Furthermore, match fixing is the biggest issue when discussing corruption in Sport and this was also evident in football with the incidents involving Juventus in Serie A. At a junior level, many people and myself personally believe that corruption does occur whether that being due to the referees favouring a certain club due to a previous connection with the club or in junior rugby league when the districts provide clubs with elite players who are looking for a club get placed on a strong team rather then a team that is struggling and I have experienced that first hand on many occasions whilst playing representative and junior rugby league. Coaches have there favourites, and this leads to the outcast of other players with similar or even greater ability.

  • Whilst i am a firm believer that sport should be far above the obscenity that is corruption it is unfortunately inevitable. To keep sports profitable the gambling industry works side by side with it. When Gambling is involved then profits are involved and everything comes into question. It only takes looking at bribes taken by some of the highest ranking officials of any sport in the world (see Sepp Blatter) to see that unfortunately corruption is in every crack of the world of sport. To abolish it you need to eliminate profits in sport aside from salaries

  • The greed and constant selfishness of society will result in there always being corruption in sport. Our society is forever undermined by people trying to achieve results or get things that they dont deserve especially if there is a significant reward encouraging these individuals to act like this. It would require an dramatic change in societal culture for this corruption mindset to be changed across all aspects of life.

  • Sports is conducted in an environment where immense pressure is placed on key stakeholders in short periods of time. These conditions create a self-perpetuating cycle of corruption as pressure leads to the need to do something unethical / illegal which in turn results in being caught. Sport needs to establish a clear standard that does not differ from case to case to ensure people know the exact ramifications they will face if caught.

    Posted by: Lukek9
  • Corruption in sport is inevitable as it is, at the elite levels, a multi billion dollar industry where power has direct influence over the amount of money which can be generated.

  • I believe that corruption in Sport has, and will always be present. Despite the implementation of controls and strategies that will attempt to reduce corruption, its presence will never dissipate due to elements of human nature, consisting of insistent demand for greed and power, both financially and symbolically.

  • Corruption in sport in inevitable, as it is through out the world. No matter how hard we regulate and govern sporting bodies the involvement of massive amounts of money has tainted the purity of sport. Events such as the FIFA world cup and Olympics are worth millions of dollars to the economies of the countries that host such events, because of this worth of the rights to host the events, organisations will do everything in their power to try sway officials their way even if this entails illegal measures regardless of how well regulated the organizing body may be.

    Posted by: Jmitch
  • Although corruption in Australian sport still needs researching,: "law enforcement and sporting bodies have nominated match-fixing as the 'biggest risk' to Australian sport and have warned of the inevitable infiltration of international syndicates into Australian sport and Australian-hosted sporting events" (ABC News Online, as seen in Bricknell, 2015). It is well documented in large professional sporting organisations but still yet to be further researched in Australian sport. "Corruption is predominately home grown" (Bricknell, 2015) and may result from local and/or community connections. Most sporting codes seem to be 'clean' however there is room for transparency which may lead to corruption. Therefore, with the current results of corruption in sport it does remain inevitable.

  • As long as there's large sums of money involved, corruption is inevitable in sport. Like most have already spoken of, sport, politics and money are all collectively intertwined in today's modern society. There is no way around it, without these things sport would not have gained the exposure it has today and would not have risen to the prevalence it has today. In saying that, money and politics are what runs sport essentially and therefore corruption will always follow. With billionaire owners taking over football clubs, major of winnings from competition and the economic benefits of hosting major sporting events, certain sporting organisations, governing bodies and individuals within them will do whatever they feel necessary in gaining monetary influxes as the astronomical figures involved are too great at elite/professional level. I strongly believe that corruption can be minimised or limited, however it will never not be there.

  • Corruption is inevitable in sport. It has occurred through generations of the industry; competitions drive this massively as athletes want and need to win in their sports. As this desire increases there is a correlation of an increase in corruption, Athletes more willing to cheat, Managers accepting bribes and athletes accepting bribes to match fix in order to benefit others. These are just a few examples of the corruption in sport today.

  • As a sport person and sports lover, I would not be wanting to compete against someone who has an advance due to how deep his pockets are. It then doesn't become a challenge and the person cheating is only cheating themselves. For example: informing all your friends you're on a diet, and eating bags of chips at home when nobody is around can be similar in the sense you're only cheating yourself.

  • I believe that corruption in sport will always be around because stakes are getting higher, players are paid more and there is more to play for. Athletes and STAFF! are becoming greedy because when they are shown large sums of money to do illegal actions they can't resist. The longer money and valuable monetary benefits are available the longer corruption will exist. In saying that how many other industries are corrupt because of the same reason? if you ask me MOST if not all are corrupt from real estate e.g. Overseas buyers to construction works.

  • While it is true that sport is irrespectively associated with corruption, illegal gambling and match fixing, it would be irresponsible to accept that Corruption in ALL sport is inevitable. First of all we should consider that there are sports where corruption is insignificant or even non-existent. Then we should also consider that there are many forms of corruption with complimentary definitions. Minor corruption such as tampering with match surfaces and game atmosphere is rife in South American International fixtures where less well financed teams seek to gain advantage over their more skilled and well-resourced rivals by ‘levelling the playing field’(McCauley 2015) Also in 2011 Heath Shaw in the AFL was reprimanded heavily for placing a $10 bet along with friends on Collingwood Captain and teammate Nick Maxwell kicking the opening goal of a match versus Adelaide (Anderson 2012). Due to Maxwell’s normal position being Defender, his odds were 100-1 which the pair used advantageously by starting Maxwell in a forward position. These instances pale in comparison to multimillion dollar illegal betting syndicates and corporate corruption on the scale of FIFA. Not all sport at various levels and codes will inevitably suffer from corruption, and in fact the future could be a place where an international WADA or Financial Action Task Force style organisation would work with various governments and sport bodies to provide advice and support in combating corruption. Should sufficient funding be devoted to this area, then whole leagues and countries could eliminate specific types or even all corruption in sport.

    Posted by: Babzi7
  • In recent times there has been a considerable amount of attention drawn to corruption and any possible suggestions of corruption. While it is easy to simple point a finger at these instances and claim that corruption in sport is inevitable, it would be foolish and rash to do so. First of all, one must look at what is to be defined as sport. The Council of Europe (2012) defines sport as "all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels". From this definition it can be seen that sport does not have to have any sort of external reward or incentive, just the desire to improve oneself. It also indicates that all citizens can be involved in sport, be it a group of senior citizens who play lawn bowls on the weekend or a few young friends going to the gym together. It specifies self improvement and well-being at "all levels" of competition. The likelihood of corruption being rife in these lower levels of sport is very low or non-existent. The credibility of professional sport has taken a pummelling in recent time, however this may be attributed to the large financial incentives and rewards associated with this high level of sport. Now that sport has become increasingly commercialised it has been easier to sell, thus allowing the plague of corruption to seep into the framework of these sports and start to make it rot. When we look at the definition of sport from Council of Europe (2012), it can be seen that, fundamentally, this is not sport. While one might argue that it is done to achieve results in a competition, the monetary and social rewards are the primary reason behind the majority of corruption in sport, not the competitive nature of sport. Therefore, it makes sense that lower levels of sport that are more adherent to the definition, are less likely to experience corruption of any form. Hence from the evidence provided it can be seen that while there is some corruption that permeates sport, the majority of sport is carried out for the benefit of the individual performing them. This means that corruption is not inevitable in sport

  • I believe that sport should be a safe ground and provide a some way for kids to aspire to live by

  • In society people take a stand against corruption and get justice and eliminate all the evil people and wrongdoers. In sport simple, ban betting on any game it is useless, waste of money, time and is pointless. Prevent betting organisations from interfering with sport at any cost. Anybody caught ban them for life. Mohammed Amir is a disgrace that is playing again, sending wrong message to kids and society.

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birdlandmemories says2015-09-24T08:05:51.6309231Z
Certainly. Corruption has existed in sports since they began. Look at FIFA, look at the NFL. Each of these organizations are about as crooked as you can get. I should also point out the influence betting has on sports. Vegas and companies like Draftkings and Fanduel don't lessen corruption.
anastasia17 says2015-10-06T11:08:23.0613442Z
Corruption in sport, in which an unfair advantage has been deliberately sought or collusion has occurred to produce a favourable outcome (Boniface et al. 2012; Gorse & Chadwick 2011; Maennig 2005; Transparency International 2009). It can be seen in a variety of sporting codes including tennis, cricket, NRL, AFL, soccer etc. There have been quite a few high profile cases in Australia which has forced the reassessment of match fixing and doping.
17454605 says2015-10-11T23:30:42.4458229Z
What is corruption? Corruption can be defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It can be classified as grand, petty and political, depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occurs. Sport is a business. Athletes, coaches, agents etc are all valuable commodities, and money is driving force growing what we know as sport today. External influences and pressures will continue to exist within sport. Athletes will often be subject/pressured into situations by external influences to ultimately benefit them in terms of financial gain. Without constant governance, and monitoring from sporting organisations, corruption will cease to exist.
Zeldonfwefeefw says2017-10-08T02:40:12.5963526Z
In society people take a stand against corruption and get justice and eliminate all the evil people and wrongdoers. In sport simple, ban betting on any game it is useless, waste of money, time and is pointless. Prevent betting organisations from interfering with sport at any cost. Anybody caught ban them for life. Mohammed Amir is a disgrace that is playing again, sending wrong message to kids and society.

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