Is DauntlessWarrior, my best friend, an awesome poet?

Posted by: ESocialBookworm

I told my friend about this site and she doesn't believe she's a good poet. Evidence A: Evidence B: (her about me)

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Her poems are FREAKING awesome

This chick is clearly delusional if she thinks otherwise
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Clearly she needs professional help. Because she is diagnosed with an overload of awesomeness...

2 votes

She's okay but fame isn't for her.

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She's okay now but she's gonna be the next famous writer/poet

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Her poems are great

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Is she mental? Cause she is wicked amazing!

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ESocialBookworm says2014-03-28T18:18:48.8234329-05:00
If anyone posts crap on this, I will deal with you personally... >:|
Jifpop09 says2014-03-28T18:43:08.1971878-05:00
I assume she's from Trinidad?
Cooldudebro says2014-03-28T18:44:34.8089430-05:00
She is good. I wouldn't bank on her being famous though.
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-28T18:46:13.2748075-05:00
@jifpop Yup. My best friend and soul sister... @Cooldudebro, I wouldn't either. She's way too shy...
DauntlessWarrior says2014-03-28T18:59:27.1502631-05:00
...Excuse me while i go crawl in a hole and wither in self pity.
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-28T19:04:51.5075423-05:00
Love you too, Risha
donald.keller says2014-03-28T20:26:22.2961335-05:00
No. She isn't, just because you made this poll. That, and because all your answers are the same.
Venusara says2014-03-28T21:15:27.2074995-05:00
Why wither DW? You have a very nice writing style and you should be proud of it.
Mysterious_Stranger says2014-04-01T10:43:39.6175369-05:00
This is an obvious set up for attention. What has this site become....
wildcat101 says2014-04-01T11:15:32.0649961-05:00
Dauntless Warrior: I do not know why you would doubt yourself on your writing ability if your friend here has allowed others to see your work, which in my oppinion is very clever indeed and I would llike to read more if I could, and people are giving you praise on here. And why would go wither in self-pity? People are giving you prais and encouragement. Maybe it's because I am not in your position, but I would be glad to see that so many people were enjoying what I wrote. Kudos to you!

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