Is debate.Com truly a place where anyone can come give their opinion without discrimintion.

Posted by: geauxpelicans5

I'd definitely say no, I came to this website in the hopes that anyone could give their opinion without being discriminated against or stereotyped, but both have happened to me. You can't be a young earth creationist or black, or worse in my case, both, without being laughed at by some atheist who has his panties in a wad.

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Sometimes with discrimination, sometimes without

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It's Debate.ORG

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Who said anything about no discrimination? It's about debating and arguing to see whos righte

The point of it all IS discrimination.
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There is no discrimination of DDO. No one is being prevented from expressing their opinion. There is definitely hate and bigotry though.

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Of course it is, if you are not able to substantiate your claims then you should not present them.

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No, people should not be made fun of or have polls made for the sole purpose of making fun of them simply because their opinion is different from yours.

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CommunistDog says2015-05-14T11:30:33.0116554-05:00
One word to prove there is discrimination in this site.... Heil....
retrogamer176 says2015-05-14T11:34:29.8405962-05:00
Uhh... Is he the discriminator, or the discriminated? You do realize he supports the Jewish genocide right?
CommunistDog says2015-05-14T11:34:52.8976918-05:00
He discriminates. ._.
FantumHeist says2015-05-14T11:37:06.1661390-05:00
I'm an atheist but I wear boxer briefs
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-14T11:51:51.4112498-05:00
@FantumHeist. What was the purpose of saying you wear boxer briefs?
Vox_Veritas says2015-05-14T11:54:46.1371311-05:00
Regardless of whether or not a person's beliefs can be "substantiated" they have the right to have their belief respected. That having been said, on a debate website if you want to advocate a certain thing you should be able to provide reasons to believe it.
FantumHeist says2015-05-14T12:10:42.8099946-05:00
The boxer briefs are comfortable he said that atheist wear panties some might but I don't
geauxpelicans5 says2015-05-14T12:13:34.1310654-05:00
Sorry FantumHeist, I didn't mean to make you mad but I wasn't referring to all atheists. I know the majority of them are very accepting and nice people, I was referring to the atheists who think they are better than everyone else.
FantumHeist says2015-05-14T12:15:24.8781940-05:00
You did not offend me
FantumHeist says2015-05-14T12:25:06.3696206-05:00
Besides we are slaves to our beliefs, opinions and imagination
PetersSmith says2015-05-14T12:28:30.1312478-05:00
If you have an "unaccepted" belief then you should be prepared to be discriminated against.
geauxpelicans5 says2015-05-14T12:57:21.4619445-05:00
The person who added the answer with the sign that says rights for whites is very funny.
WNdebater says2015-05-14T17:26:06.8215441-05:00
Funny how the sign "rights for whites" is supposed to symbolize discrimination. Try the EFF's (a South African political party) slogans such as "Honeymoon is over for white people." and "A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate."

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