Is decption a necessary aspect of all relationships?

Posted by: GoodPoint

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No, honesty is the best policy

If they do something that I don't like, they deserve to know so that we may work it out. Likewise if I need alone time and they internalize it when I say so, I should immediately explain how I'm feeling and ask how their feeling.
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Yes, a little white lie sometimes saves the day

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to watch her show, or complement his shirt, and even if I don't like it, I should probably put their needs first sometimes. Likewise, sometimes I need time for me, but I don't want them internalizing it, so I should say I'm...  busy   more
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NiamC says2014-07-04T12:12:35.3968258-05:00
Deception/ lying is the primary cause of over 50% of divorces

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