Is Donald Trump a racist?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

Donald Trump is frequently accused of being a racist, and getting an endorsement from a former KKK leader isn't helping. But, is he truly racist? What do you think?

  • Yes, Donald Trump is a racist.

  • No, Donald Trump is not a racist.

54% 33 votes
46% 28 votes
  • He called Mexicans "rapists"!

  • I mean, this guy failed to effectively disavow David Duke, a former Klan leader.

  • Yes, donald trump is a racist. he's self centered snob that only cares for himself...he doesnt even care for the American people. he likes putin, wants to punch protestors in the face, and always interrupts when other candidates are speaking....never allows them to talk. he always sticks his nose up into the air, he swears like a trooper, and what's his 'beautiful hands' got to do with becoming a president of a world-leading, God-fearing country???

  • sorry dude but you used to be cool running a successful buisness doing your thing like a true american but now your all old and cranky and kind of a dick to everyone. Hes not racist cause he says stupid shit he just dos'nt know when to stop talking or how to filter thought to speach properly thats why he is racist.

  • He's threatening to build a wall between the border of America and mexico for Christs sake! He hates Muslims, and supports hate towards them. This is not the media twisting his words, this is Trump's words, and he believes them.

  • How the fuck can you: Call Mexican Immigrants rapists, drug addicts, and criminals Call for the banning of all Muslims from our country And refuse to disavow the fucking Ku Klux Klan Without being a fucking xenophobic racist

  • Absolutely. Have you ever heard some of the things he's said? Just google it, very easy conclusion to come to.

  • Donald Trump is a racist, abusive asshole because he only wants to be the man in charge and say"Lets start WWlll everybody!"

  • He went after Mexicans, insulting them. He went after Muslisms trying to ban them. Yes, he even went after women for being "pigs and slobs".

  • Last I checked, Islam was not a race.

  • No, but he very well knows how to appeal to them. I don't think he beleives most of the crap he's saying.

  • Donald Trump never implied racism, and being against illegal immigration isn't racist. The media likes to twist his image, but having a racist supporter doesn't mean you're automatically racist. Out of everyone's votes, every candidate probably has a few racist followers. The media needs to stop twisting his image, because it's quite frankly backfiring.

  • Dese biased images, though.

  • obama did 9/11

  • he wants people to follow the law and said the illegals who don't get there fair share of prison time are murders and rapist which they are. AND MULISM OR ISLAM IS NOT A RACE BUT RELIGION

  • No. He is against any movement of any race, gender, categorization, group that threatens United States stability in water usage, land usage, criminal conduct, culture, decision making or other property that he sees inferior to his vision of America or quality of which already exist. In other words.. Trump doesn't like any group that pushes America in the wrong direction either doing so illegally or legally and will speak out against, fight it, if president.. use the office to fight it. Some of the groups being Mexicans, Muslims, south Americans is just a coincidence. He also threatened interests of whites, Chinese, Europeans, women, men, Christians, Jews and yes even children. Basically he can be mean to anyone, and his vision isn't white, it's greatness in his eyes (dominating businesses, manufacturing, gun rights, strong military, strong borders, women rights (except abortion),competitive sports, sound economy,freedom for all, against rich too powerful, and proud culture, low crime, respectful people). Some things you can say about him: He has gone back on his word in businesses, denied basic facts, sues people unfairly and uses the media as a tool against groups of all ethnicities. His greatest problem is he cheats, plays dirty, misleads, lies, fakes it till he makes it (The great salesman),bullies, and ultimately has a lot of misses and overconfidence and pisses off a lot of people unnecessarily. His greatest strengths are he can inspire crowds, has intelligence and strategy, great tv personality, is brave and menacing, and is not controlled by anyone. People are overacting on the racist thing. He is no Hilter. US, Israel, Europe are on a path to a great decline/change (think China dominance, communist opportunity, changing majorities, uncontrolled debts). What takes over will be new civilizations or hybrids for better or worst. It happens all the time in history.. roman empire, native Americans, Aztecs, etc... Trump is just trying to halt it in US. Hitler wanted to conquer the world and put a pecking order based on race.. Trump is like the native Americans trying to preserve his tribe... the ways of his tribe... his tribe is not a race... its his vision of what America should be...(dominating businesses, manufacturing, gun rights, strong military, women rights (except abortion), freedom for all, against rich too powerful, competitive sports, strong border, sound economy, and proud culture, low crime, respectful people.)

  • HE has never said anything about any other race he said he hates ILLEGALS but not Hispanics

  • Illegal immigration or islam isn't a race... so no.

  • you are an idiot if you think that Donald trump is a racist. he is a lovely guy who isn't afaid about being unconventional. he has never conformed to any sort of bigotry- racism, islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, or any other you care to name.. WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE PEOPLE? HE IS A GREAT MAN!!!! #makeamericagreatagain

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PetersSmith says2016-03-07T22:51:57.6715079Z
PetersSmith says2016-03-07T22:56:15.8044355Z
NewLifeChristian says2016-03-07T22:56:28.3700646Z
@PetersSmith He may claim not to be a racist, but that doesn't mean he isn't one.
BrendanD19 says2016-03-29T23:36:08.4454532Z

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