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benhos says2016-09-26T21:02:38.1204739Z
@succc Your opinion of Hillary (i hate her too) has absolutely no relevancy to Donald Trump's qualification for the position.
David_Debates says2016-09-26T22:51:43.3199407Z
What "temperamental requirements?" Are you saying that Donald Trump's personality dequalifies him from holding the Presidential position?
ladiesman says2016-09-26T23:04:34.7249831Z
@David_Debates Yes, Trump's vain disposition will make him a bad president.
David_Debates says2016-09-26T23:21:42.1749334Z
So what is the "requirement?" What personality type must every president have?
ladiesman says2016-09-26T23:32:04.5645022Z
A good leader is wise and humble, Trump is neither.
David_Debates says2016-09-27T04:07:05.9199668Z
I can think of many other ways to describe the perfect leader, ladiesman. But where do I see that description of personality as a requirement for a president of the United States? The question is whether he's qualified (meets the requirements), not whether or not you'd vote for him.
ladiesman says2016-09-27T17:34:00.2371875Z
Trump is not qualified in every aspect: temperment, experience and his proposals, especially national security and foreign policy are unreasonable. He claims his temperment is his biggest asset, but that's not true. After all the bombastic comments he has made and given that he lashes out when criticized, which foreign leader would want to work with him?
ladiesman says2016-09-27T22:42:32.6003574Z
@David_Debates In answer to your question, the President's personality has everything to do with being qualified; it affects our diplomatic ties and how the President responds to Congress, military commanders, advisers, etc. when they disagree on anything he says or proposes.
David_Debates says2016-09-28T16:28:26.4387327Z
Qualifications are different from who you would want as president. From what I can tell, your argument is that you don't want Donald Trump as president, not that he doesn't meet the requirements provided by the Constitution. That's what we're talking about. I would not want either Trump nor Clinton, but both of them are qualified to hold the position of POTUS.
ladiesman says2016-09-28T22:19:20.0046292Z
Trump does fulfill the Constitution's requirements, but that's not the point. He does not have the proper experience or temperment and his political propositions are all sketchy, even dangerous. His lack of experience and enormous ego make him unqualified to be the Commander-in-Chief.
David_Debates says2016-09-30T05:17:15.4411406Z
I see that we disagree on what the definition of the word "qualified" means. I hold that it's talking about legal requirements, and it seems that you want to define it as whether you think he should be president. If we can't agree on a definition, then I guess we cannot argue. Either way, you seem to agree that he does meet the legal requirements, which is all I wanted to prove.
ladiesman says2016-09-30T19:33:57.4801026Z
I do agree that Trump fulfills constitutional requirements (age and born in America), but that is the only test he passes.

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