Is Easy Access To Internet Pornography Effecting Young Minds?

Posted by: Plexon_Warrior

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Yes. These disgusting websites are hurting society by poisoning the of minds of preteens and teenagers.

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No. This is not effecting our children because it teaches them about sex so parents can avoid the awkward talk.

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-06-08T19:45:16.9683311-05:00
Not the best two answers on offer. I would say its good and bad just as for adults. Addictions are not good but watching some porn is not harming anyone. If anything, its making someone climatically happy and another person financially happy. So its a win win situation. Unless like I said the person is addicted.
Shadow-Dragon says2014-06-08T19:49:44.9477391-05:00
Really? Porn videos idolize sex like it is some kind of majesterial experience. Sure, sex can be great, but when these sites are showing crazy ways of having sex and ways that are not even common nor would spouses always agree on, it is giving false hopes to younger kids. Sure, the girls on the site do it in certain ways, but many times, boys expect this kind of experience with their partners- or vice versa- and this is not always going to be the case.
Stalin_Mario says2014-06-08T19:52:18.5072563-05:00
Okay and?
Plexon_Warrior says2014-06-08T19:55:06.0824563-05:00
I do agree with you both and those were definitely the best answer chooses, but I was in hurry. I had to eat dinner with my family. You know, like Sunday evening dinners. The Kind You CAN'T Miss or You're Grounded For LIFE.

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