Is El Chapo Good or Bad?

Posted by: VladimirLeninIsCool

El Chapo is responsible for thousands of deaths, but has created many jobs and protected the people in hiss territory.

  • Good

  • Bad

31% 4 votes
69% 9 votes
  • He stabilizes things. Without him, there is a little thing called a power vacuum. People will want to take power, and that means offing or otherwise neutralizing the competition. Of course, everyone's trying to do the same thing at the same time, so there'll be lots and lots of gunfire for a bit.

  • He wants to kill Trump so yes.

  • Who?

  • Is this really a question

  • He's bad alright and they should have killed him while he was still in prison and that includes all of the members and associates of various criminal organizations such as street gangs, drug cartels, mafias, prison gangs, biker gangs, etc.

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VladimirLeninIsCool says2015-07-22T18:21:10.7899865-05:00
I meant his not hiss.

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