• No

  • Yes

60% 24 votes
40% 16 votes
  • Not if you think it is a Human life and think ending Human life is immoral.

  • It becomes immoral when the fetus is aborted 2-3 months before birth.

  • Denying someone the right to live because they are an inconvenience is immoral.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • There are the methods to prevent the pregnancy. Having a baby is a serious responsibility, so sex responsibly. Use male or female contraceptives if you don't want the pregnancy. Self-control is the best way. Rape victims, incest victims and dead fetuses are an exception.

  • A fetus is a human being and it is immoral to end its life at any stage in a pregnancy. I believe based on my education that two specific objective qualities make a being human. 1) DNA- a fetus develops chromosomes nearly hours after fertilization and therefore has the genes of a human being 2) consciousness and feeling- though a fetus may not have the ability to convey speech or control thought, in the same way a baby cannot might I add, it is still able to interpret some level of stimuli and to feel pain. Though this might also be subjective, the mind and the pain experienced by a human being are quite visible. However, the main reason that pro-choice advocates tend to win most arguments about the humanity of a fetus is because many people base their opinion on a third quality; physicality- the anatomy of a human being. In the same way a veteran with missing limbs is still a human being, in the same way a blind or deaf person is still a human being, and in the same way many people who do not meet the 'normal' or 'standard' physical description of a human being are still human beings, so is a fetus.

  • What if that kid grows up to cure cancer? Oo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o DEBATE THAT! IF! IF!

  • Nope. All human life is precious. Abortion is wrong and murder.

  • It's very immoral. It's not fair to end a human life because it would be inconvenient for you. Your life doesn't matter more than the fetus's.

  • God set the moral absolutes and God says, "Do not shed innocent blood." You either believe God of the Holy Bible or you do not. The Bible is the most contested book ever written, yet it has stood the test of time. The prophets of God have never, never been wrong. Human history is contained in the Holy Bible.

  • Of course it's not, it's killing a living being.

  • They are alive from conception and killing them should be called murder. They are not part of a woman's body as they have their own brain and heart and other body parts.

  • To me, it just seems like a compromise between an unborn child's right to life and a woman's right to her body. The logical decision is somewhere in between. However, I guess that means I'm against complete elimination of abortion, so I didn't vote for the left choice.

  • A woman's right to make her own decisions is much more important than an unborn, undeveloped cluster of cells. And you're ignorant for calling it a fetus, it's merely a cluster of cells, MAYBE an embryo at most.

    Posted by: benhos
  • Consider what this child is. It's a fetus living completely off of its mother's resources, with no cognition and no will to live. It has no means to decide if it should live. If it were to be aborted, it would feel nothing, and it would just never be born. If we aren't violating their autonomy by killing them, or causing pain/discomfort in doing so, then no, it is not immoral.

  • For those against it usually only point out those who use abortion as a form of birth control, but fail to think about minors, rape cases, and those who physically cannot handle carrying a baby and or care for one. Though I do not condemn the use of abortion for birth control, the statistics can be flawed as many rape victims do not open up about being raped/ sexually abused.

  • nerves are not yet developed thus it doesn't feel pain (until it gets to a certain age of course) its brain is not yet fully developed, even when its born. the way I see it, its just the same as killing an animal. if you eat meat, I don't think you really have a right to say abortion's wrong to be quite honest. yes, the child has potential and you are destroying that, that I agree with. also, in situations that the child could have a severe disability thus have a bad quality of life for both child and parents, then what's the harm, after understanding that it will not know that it's dying. Also, if the mother doesn't want a child, it will be bad quality of life again for mother and child as the child will not receive mothers love (unless the mother changes her mind) the mother could have been raped and in this case the child will remind her of it and so cause trauma (again child may not receive mothers love)

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Dilara says2016-07-29T04:26:51.9035254Z
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6384621.stm http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/pregnancy-week-by-week/in-depth/prenatal-care/art-20045302
Dilara says2016-08-02T05:02:02.5246427Z
Benhos. By 3 weeks embryos have heart beats. By 4 weeks brain waves are detected and the nose, mouth and ears are taking shape. By 5 weeks the baby has formed hands and feet. By 8 weeks it becomes a fetus and has all its organs. Embryos and fetuses are not clusters of cells. BTW for the first 8 weeks after conception the baby is an embryo and then it becomes a fetus.
Dilara says2016-09-26T23:51:16.5029431Z
Stereotypicalpenguin. Brain dead people don't have cognition, the will to live, the means to decide if they should live, or the ability to feel pain. Fetuses don't have these things for the first couple of months but later they develop them. http://www.12news.com/news/local/valley/911-tapes-aborted-fetus-was-breathing/208414143 And they can feel pain by 18 weeks, though killing them is allowed for 24 weeks. So if one is aborted after 18 weeks is that immoral? Even if its never born it still existed, it just didn't get a chance at life.
IANTITHEIST says2017-07-27T06:16:51.5386440Z
This is a false dichotomy. I'm against the concept of rights but I support abortion. A fetus is not a sentient being so It can only have moral value for it's contribution and it doesn't contribute.

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