Is everyone on this website retarded

Posted by: duceydylan

This website is the definiton of homo

  • Yes

  • No

75% 9 votes
25% 3 votes
  • Zapshe and Anonymous03

  • Only those with perspectives or POV which could at all be described as liberal, Leftist, Marxist, Progressive or pro-humanity. If you're gonna shoot Mankind a "Like" or shove a thumb up him as an "Attaboy! ", You should wear a bib. There's certainly no point talking with you.

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Knight_Dragon says2019-11-28T07:04:57.8829840Z
@duceydylan This*
anc2006 says2019-11-29T02:12:42.4402770Z
The definition of homo? Why are you complimenting us when you are the one saying we are stupid, And why are you here?
Dolansyeet says2019-11-30T04:12:50.0761542Z
I'm in the middle. . . I'm there, But I'm not there. . .
duceydylan says2019-12-02T04:33:01.5575851Z
When I spell it the same way people on this website spell
Mxchi says2019-12-03T23:08:43.3680747Z
Ok but who said its ok to use the r word? . -.
anc2006 says2020-02-20T20:40:53.9985361Z
Not everyone is stupid.

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