Is existentialism the meaning of life?

Posted by: mnakajima00

There are many philosophies of the meaning of life, but is Existentialism the best explanation for our purpose in this world?

  • Yes

  • No

40% 2 votes
60% 3 votes
  • Existentialism is a much more satisfying philosophy when considering one's own personal meaning; for this reason I really enjoyed studying existentialism and applying it to my life. It is also a very liberating philosophy that values autonomy as opposed to regulation and strict law.

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Black-Jesus says2015-01-11T09:31:36.3378580-06:00
Existentialists tend to ignore the fact that we are born different, that we are born with personalities independent from life experiences. Do we have free will? Yes, I believe we do. Is that free will completely free and unrestricted? No, we are restricted, in part, by who we are when we're born and who we are as a result of the choices we have made up unto this point.

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