Is fat and weight prejudice today more prevalent than racism?

Posted by: Nolt01

14 Total Votes

Yes fat prejudice is more common than racism.

9 votes

No racism is still more prevalent than weight prejudice.

5 votes
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Reeseroni says2015-06-17T18:28:29.1795346-05:00
This is really tough to assess given the fact that we can be racist without thinking about it, but fat and weight prejudices tend to be more visual than subconscious.
Najs says2015-06-17T19:32:00.4390800-05:00
Perhaps equal
Nolt01 says2015-06-18T23:49:56.0483262-05:00
I'm new here to this site. I accidentally voted racism being more prevalent than weight prejudice. I think weight prejudice overall is more common. It's simply not socially acceptable to be a racist anymore. Whereas weight prejudice is more socially acceptable.

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