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dudewhywildudothat says2019-07-10T18:52:41.7288859Z
dudewhywildudothat says2019-07-10T18:53:14.4576859Z
Ur just garbage go away hater
Fairly-Debatable says2019-07-13T07:36:25.2977974Z
It's trash, But not for the reason you think. I follow the "know your enemy" philosophy. Look closely, And you'll see that every design in the game is stolen (not parodied, Fully ripped off) from other games and media. Various skins modeled after Lego minifigures, Storm-monsters whose designs might as well be recolors of infected from Prototype 2. Fortnite is trash, Because other than gameplay, They lack ANY originality in their designs, And I hope that eventually the people they steal designs from recognize this with a lawsuit.
Sduncan13 says2019-07-25T00:31:56.1515063Z
Tried so many times to play this with friends but it is, In fact, S**t
YourCensored says2019-08-26T04:49:45.8999176Z
ApEx LeGeNdS iS bEtTeR

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