Is Foxnews as bad as Democrats/Liberals claim?

Posted by: xhammy

The common claim is that Foxnews is really bad and evil. Is this a valid claim or is it simply that its one of the biggest conservative news providers and causes them to lose significant political propaganda advantage?

  • They are really that bad.

  • Nope, they are just conservative.

52% 17 votes
48% 16 votes
  • They have been proven to lie often. I wish conservatives had a news source that is more representative of them.

  • Its not that they are conservative, it is that they are consistently WRONG and play off fear.

    Posted by: TBR
  • What TBR said. They play off fair and the 'good old day' mentality because their average viewer age is about 70.

    Posted by: reece
  • Just do a Google search or listen to what comes from their mouths. They are clearly demented.

    Posted by: Najs

    Posted by: gabep
  • You can be a conservative without being fear mingering hate filled liars. They failed at that.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • No truth on that channel at all, cough* no-go zones cough*

  • ALL news media is biased and lies frequently. If you think that Fox is the only one, then you have frontally lobotomized yourself. They question asks is Fox as bad as liberals claim, to which I would have to say no. Seeing as the overwhelming majority of news outlets are liberal, they of course demonize Fox and the end all be all mouthpiece of satan himself spewing nothing but racist/sexist/bigoted/homophobic nonsense. That is, to any rational person, a hyperbole. Are they bad? Yes, all news outlets are terribly irresponsible with reporting. Are they as bad as liberals claim? No.

  • They're somewhere between the truth and the outright lies a lot of liberal fear/guiltmongers put out.

  • What Krampus said.

  • Truth hurts.

  • They'er not as bad as liberals claim, but they are still pretty bad. Then again most mainstream news sources are pretty bad.

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reece says2015-06-09T14:49:32.2337555-05:00
They don't care if they outright lie.
xhammy says2015-06-09T16:59:41.6232278-05:00
I keep hearing the "lie" claim but never what it is claimed they lie about, anybody know?
TBR says2015-06-09T17:12:09.7572257-05:00
Xhammy - you aren't looking very hard.
TBR says2015-06-09T17:12:15.8881436-05:00
TBR says2015-06-09T17:13:25.4205609-05:00
Punditfact, a branch of Politifact, has put together profiles for CNN, MSNBC and Fox News detailing just how honest each of these networks are. And while it’s obviously not a completely comprehensive profile (it would be nearly impossible to fact check every single thing said on each network) it’s a decent measure of the honesty of each. And what do you know, Pundifact found Fox News to have only told the truth 18 percent (15 of 83) of the time for the statements they checked. And even of that 18 percent, only 8 percent of what they said was completely “True.” The other 10 percent was rated as “Mostly True.” A staggering 60 percent (50 of 83) comments were found to be either “Mostly False,” “False,” or “Pants on Fire.” The other 22 percent were rated “Half True.” Essentially well over half of what Punditfact has fact-checked on Fox News has been a lie and only 18 percent has been deemed factual. To compare, CNN was found to have been honest about 60 percent of the time, while only having 18 percent of their comments found to be false. As for MSNBC, they were found to have been honest about 31 percent of the time, while 48 percent of the comments they had fact-checked were deemed untrue. So while MSNBC’s numbers aren’t exactly worth bragging about, they’re still far better than the “fair and balanced” Fox News.
Forthelulz says2015-06-09T19:02:04.7684504-05:00
@TBR But what facts were picked out? Was it over a given timeframe, or were examples cherry-picked?
Varrack says2015-06-09T19:04:19.6825611-05:00
Pew Research found MSNBC the most opinionated cable news channel by far, with 85% of it commentary and opinion while only 15% is factual reporting. Fox and CNN were more towards the 50-50 range.
Varrack says2015-06-09T19:09:27.9105722-05:00
TBR's sources are not very good. His first one is Politifact which is biased towards the left and doesn't even link any study. It just shows some numbers that could have been made up. And his second one is from the same site, where there aren't even any numbers at all, rather it is just saying 'yup, Fox is wrong and Jon Stewart is right'. That's hardly reliable.
reece says2015-06-09T19:09:49.0177781-05:00
@Varrack are those opinions wrong?
TBR says2015-06-09T19:32:43.3412564-05:00
@Varrack - This is NOT a bad source just because it disagrees with your opinion. There are a number of fact check sites that all rank FOX as the lowest. On the other score, the Pew Research poll you are talking about (I will look for it) was a POLL! Regardless opinion has nothing to do with factual content, right? FOX news is crap, live with it.
Varrack says2015-06-09T19:37:16.2370766-05:00
It's not a poll. It's a study. I gave the URL up there.
Varrack says2015-06-09T19:39:14.0201198-05:00
It's probably not a good source because it's from a biased site, and there's no link to any study in it.
TBR says2015-06-09T19:42:05.8574243-05:00
Right "A full 85% of the Comcast-owned network’s coverage can be classified as opinion or commentary rather than straight news, " That says nothing about accuracy, only that they have MORE opinion shows (content). Get it? FOX is just inaccurate.
TBR says2015-06-09T19:42:41.3637071-05:00
And, I say again, politifact is NOT opinionated just because they don't back your horse.
TBR says2015-06-09T19:50:04.8022346-05:00
I have no issue with FOX being highly biased, just with the exaggeration, fear mongering, and outright lying. It would be nice if their were getting good information.
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:39:35.7389669-05:00
TBR I found a few things on that I found to be inccorrect, I do not have the time or desire to cover them all, because that could take hours to sift through all of that stuff. However it claims that Foxnews lied when they said that global warming stats were fudge. However there was a significant study (which I do not care enough about to dispute and if you want to disregard this statement then fine by me) in which the temperature readings for October, were copied for November.
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:41:02.8978430-05:00
A statement made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence so if you do not trust me than you by all means have the right to disregard everything I have to say because it is not worth my (or your time) to go around all day quoting people and stuff, if it were we would be in the debates tab not comments.
TBR says2015-06-09T20:42:48.2381346-05:00
Xhammy - You make a counter clam you don't care to back, and assert it is "right". That sounds like FOX. Get it?
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:43:02.1234907-05:00
They also call Foxnews liars for saying Ebola could be spread through a sneeze or cough, and then your sight said "more like sever vomiting" which I find to be false information.
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:45:32.2485413-05:00
It really isn't worth my time. The question is are you calling me a liar? Do you doubt my credit?
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:45:36.3711020-05:00
It really isn't worth my time. The question is are you calling me a liar? Do you doubt my credit?
TBR says2015-06-09T20:46:37.6418189-05:00
Xhammy - More conjecture by YOU. Its simple confirmation basis. You WANT it to be true. The reason you THINK Ebola was airborn is because you were buying the hype at FOX.
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:47:40.1126816-05:00
HA! I had never been to the fox news website (or to my memory show) during the Ebola hike.
TBR says2015-06-09T20:47:41.4387071-05:00
What I am saying is, you can't dismiss the efforts of all the people that have actually DONE the work of fact checking by saying "well THATs wrong, I got different information from FOX".
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:49:17.6145566-05:00
If I am wrong, it definitely isn't because of Fox news, because I AM NOT A FOX NEWS VIEWER!
tajshar2k says2015-06-09T20:50:00.3593786-05:00
Ebola is only spread through bodily fluids. If it was airborne, a thousands of people would have died in here by now. Sources: Common Sense
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:50:23.8066295-05:00
IF you legitimately doubt me, because I really don't care, I will surrender the claims I made of Ebola and Climate change
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:53:22.2509965-05:00
Tajshar2k, I want you to breath on your hand a few times and tell me if it gets wet, then cough on it, then sneeze on it, and see if it gets wet. Then I want you to remember the claim was not about it being air born, it was about sneezes and coughs. Also air born substances become diluted and also do something called die; but I don't have a opinion on the air born thing.
TBR says2015-06-09T20:54:41.4154269-05:00
There is nothing to doubt but a bare assertion. I don't give it any more credence than an opinion. Call it that, or argue your point. I'm not calling a liar, I am telling you that your opinion is unconvincing.
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:55:05.4544457-05:00
Also, I recognize that 97% of scientists believe climate change is real. But I also recognize that immediately after it is always said it is man made. The 97% thing does NOT include the man made thing. I believe that they believe it is natural that we cannot cause or prevent.
TBR says2015-06-09T20:56:47.8860155-05:00
"I believe that they believe it is natural that we cannot cause or prevent." There you go again. That is NOT accurate. It is an opinion, and you are welcome to be uninformed, but it is opinion.
xhammy says2015-06-09T20:57:32.8184230-05:00
Well, ok then. I don't care if you believe me or not, disregard me if you will, that's your right. As a statement made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. So please by all means, if you see my memory to be untrustworthy disregard the statements I have made.
TBR says2015-06-09T21:00:38.1932444-05:00
Ouch, my fingers are tired from looking that up. University, in 2004 found that 75 percent of published studies supported anthropogenic global warming
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:01:00.5796749-05:00
Yeah it is an opinion, but quoting the "97% statistic doesn't prove it is man made as it is speculation on both sides. Seriously though if they did all believe it was man made I guarantee the liberals wouldn't just allege it they would BRAG about it. Seeing as they only imply that the 97% believe it, I can only through logic that they do not. This is a simple case of eliminating the impossible.
TBR says2015-06-09T21:01:44.2000706-05:00
Of these papers, 97.2 percent endorsed the "consensus" that global warming is human caused.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:01:56.5263868-05:00
That study was ten years ago! So I can just as easily say it is out of date
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:02:41.5897441-05:00
The comment lag is annoying I am sending right as I receive and you too.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:04:30.1229045-05:00
No matter who is right, I think we can agree that we are both equally bias, and both equally sure in ourselves, and thus it is a waist of both of our time to continue. I propose a compromise.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:05:35.3477588-05:00
You spend a sh*t load of your time listening to someone spew out youtube videos destroying Republican opinions, who is it? I will go watch them for an hour, if you go watch....... Hmmm.....
TBR says2015-06-09T21:05:48.4676111-05:00
What, your non-fact based opinions vs. My reality?
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:07:05.4550916-05:00
If you believe it sure, if you legitimately are right then it only makes sense to put myself in your shoes and view them from a different angle. Who do you watch and gain views from?
tajshar2k says2015-06-09T21:07:31.3503759-05:00
Sneezing and coughing counts as spreading airborne. Also, they don't die all the time. Thats how the Spanish Flu and the Black death spread.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:08:33.5863721-05:00
But they also count as bodily fluids, so the fox claim is not proven false
Midnight1131 says2015-06-09T21:08:44.3516482-05:00
You've got to be joking, it was a well known fact that Ebola was NOT an airborne disease even before the epidemic began.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:09:44.9213582-05:00
I never claimed it was airborn! Stop making a straw man argument
tajshar2k says2015-06-09T21:11:26.6041136-05:00
Yea, thats what I'm saying. They are bodily fluids, not airborne. Sneezing doesn't count a bodily fluid
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:11:58.8187331-05:00
I was not presented with an info outlet, TBR where is it?
TBR says2015-06-09T21:13:17.3038424-05:00
I don't watch much TeeeVeee news. I like the opinion shows on MSNBC, but expect little from the news portions. I read from many sources. The beauty of the Internet.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:15:45.1208400-05:00
Tell me you don't really watch MSNBC! PLEASE!
tajshar2k says2015-06-09T21:16:31.9114401-05:00
Sorry, I assumed when you said Fox News said it was airborne, you believed it, because you were defending them.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:16:52.9623896-05:00
Tell me you don't really watch MSNBC! PLEASE! Do you mean opinions like "I was shot down in a helicopter by an RPG" or........?
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:18:43.4749148-05:00
Tajshar2k I was defending the argument of a sneeze or cough, I am unfamiliar with the argument of it being airborn. It sounds like they were discredited by strawman
TBR says2015-06-09T21:18:47.9054000-05:00
@xhammy - the opinion shows. I like Rachel Maddow, Al etc.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:20:09.9317774-05:00
TBR, that name has a familiar name to it... No clue who it is, but familiar
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:20:30.7307653-05:00
Oh.... F*CK
TBR says2015-06-09T21:21:51.0373217-05:00
Well, my real name is on my profile, so its no secret. Its Thomas Ragsdale, but I have always been Toby.
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:22:46.4672466-05:00
Ok.... Ok..... Ok..... Assume every and all claims against fox news are true, all of them. That said, MSNBC is much.... Much worse
xhammy says2015-06-09T21:25:01.2049787-05:00
I will no longer be responding to any comments on this poll, I am now done. Say I gave up, say I had nothing to say, I dont care. I am gone.
TBR says2015-06-09T21:25:02.0955252-05:00
Au contraire. As I have shown, FOX is less reliable than MSNBC. Not saying much for MSNBC, but it is true. Q.E.D.
xhammy says2015-06-09T22:03:08.7861698-05:00
Ok, I know what I said, but you cannot get more unreliable than "I forgot I wasn't really shot down by a RPG" there is a line, say what you want about fox, but MSNBC is worse.
TBR says2015-06-09T22:05:54.0576478-05:00
Please... FOX can go toe-to-toe for stupid things said. I am not defending MSNBC, but FOX is demonstrably worse.
reece says2015-06-10T19:54:19.6232564-05:00
@xhammy Making light of something bad with another thing that's bad, is fallacious. People only do that if they've already lost the argument.
myk97 says2015-06-16T10:16:20.5011802-05:00
Yes, they are biased, but so is every news network. However, they're not full of slander, as more liberal networks would claim. The best way to decide the truth of a network is to take an issue they discussed and do your own research to test their truth/accuracy.
SamanthatheConservative says2017-01-04T23:06:23.2543334Z
All news is bad and all news stations do nothing but lie. CNN just lies way more than Faux does.

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