• Yes

  • No

62% 10 votes
38% 6 votes
  • Question everything. And at that moment you will be infinitely free. People who don't question everything fearing that god may judge them will never be free, because they are constantly ruled by the belief that they will be punished for their thoughts. Just do what you think is right, whatever they say god thinks, and you will truly be free. If god punishes you for questioning things or thinking things that may be considered unpure, than it in not a god that I would like to live under. The god that I would like to live under wouldn't kjudge us by if we beleive in him or not. He would judge us by our morals...

  • Any censorship of thought will keep humans incarcerated in the deep, deadly depths of ignorance. We must liberate our fellow man one question at a time.

  • it depends upon what you mean by free thought. I am religious, but I do agree that knowledge is the greatest virtue

    Posted by: bman77
  • Free thought is defined as the process of making decisions and arriving at beliefs without relying solely upon tradition, dogma, or the opinions of authorities. Free thought thus means using science, logic, empiricism, and reason in belief formation, especially in the context of religion. This is why free thought is closely associated with skepticism and critical atheism, but the definition of free thought can be applied to other areas as well like politics, consumer choices, the paranormal, etc. The definition of free thought means that most freethinkers are also atheists, but atheism is not required. It is possible to be an atheist without also being a freethinker, or to be a freethinker without also being an atheist. This is because the definition of free thought is focused on the means by which a person arrives at conclusion and atheism is the conclusion itself. However much some atheists wish to create a necessary link between atheism and free thought or skepticism, the fact remains that they are logically and empirically separate.

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violetkiwi says2014-04-07T20:17:27.9976086-05:00
I honestly do not know which one to pick ;=; I know freedom of thought is one of the most powerful things a being can have, but...That can be abused and used against other people. Freedom of thought is amazing; can it be used to infringe others rights? Yes. And that is why I am kinda stuck on this and just wanted to post my opinion instead of choosing because I REALLY am not sure.

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