Is Gaming A Sport / Should Gaming Be A Sport Why Or Why Not

Posted by: X_Waffle_X

  • Pro/Yes Gaming Is A Sport / It Should Be One

  • Con/No Gaming Is Not A Sport / It Should Not Be One

55% 31 votes
45% 25 votes
  • I believe pro gaming is a sport. It requires training, Skill, And practice. Chess is also recognized by the national Olympic Committee as a sport, So why shouldn't gaming. In fact gaming gets way more coverage than chess. It is being on several sports channels, Including ESPN. Just because it doesn't require physical exertion doesn't mean it's a sport.

  • Pro gaming should not be considered a sport. However neither should golf or nascar or chess or cheer-leading or poker or the spelling bee, Yet all of those things are recognized as sports. If all those things count as sports I can't see how you could hope to keep gaming off the list.

  • It already is a sport. An esport there are international competitions that earn you real life money.

  • Gaming Should be a sport because you see epic games holding fortnite tournments for over $200, 000. Ninja is in a team that verses aganst TSM, With Myth and Daquan.

  • Gaming is what a lot of people do these days after PUBG and Fortnite and others like that came out. Gaming can also get people to become social with others online and they might meet in real life.

  • It takes skill and has tournaments simple as that.

  • Gaming does not show little if no physical improvement. The definition of 'sport' is 'an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. ', And a large amount of games don't include fighting in teams against eachother, Or physical exertion.

  • It should be called something new, Like an eSport because a sport is much more physical.

  • If you would call gaming a sport, You'd need to call everything from drawing to even mating a sport as well because, , They require minimum fysical action, Like gaming does.

  • A sport is being active, Sweating, Training. Gaming is siting on a chair playing video games

  • No, Gaming does not require serious physical activity that breaks a sweat. It is sedentary. It is just as valid a sport as chess.

    Posted by: GrantW
  • The definition of a sport is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment" it says there that a sport involves PHYSICAL EXERTION. . . Does gaming involve physical exertion?

  • Gaming isn't real physical exercise. You are not growing because of E-Sports. Instead, You're a lazy fat American, Who sits on the couch with a controller that is 2x smaller than the hand.

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Serferer says2018-11-04T15:06:14.8370399Z
I don't think it should be called a sport just liked how chess isn't a sport. Bullet and blitz chess require hand-eye coordination as well as quick thinking and skill, But they are not physical enough to be called "sports. " I am, However, Completely fine with calling it an "eSport" as that is a completely new term, And has a different definition from the word "sport. "
sodipop34 says2018-11-05T20:00:06.6996735Z
How do you guys even know that either of these are a sports? What if neither of them are? And what evidence is there?

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