Is giving a piggy-back ride flirting?

Posted by: firefury14620

I have a friend who's girlfriend is mad that he gave his best friend (a girl) a piggy-back ride before he gave her one. She didn't ask for one. I just need to know. State your gender in your response please.

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No, giving a piggy-back ride is not flirting.

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Yes, giving a piggy-back ride is flirting.

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kikiki says2016-12-09T19:46:32.7357189Z
So giving my little sister a piggy-back ride is flirting?
RussellMania741 says2016-12-09T21:20:29.7078566Z
I got a piggyback ride when I was like 4-7. If you offer a piggy back ride to someone that is older and around your age, I would say its flirting. If you give a child a piggy back, the thats just entertaining the child and obviously not flirting.
cyber_onions says2016-12-15T13:03:50.6903613Z
Context is everything...
firefury14620 says2016-12-15T14:55:55.7842706Z
I would like to clarify that this is someone your age. I assumed that would be inferred from the fact that you aren't flirting with a 5 year old. This is a case of a guy giving a friend that is a girl a piggy-back ride and vice versa.
WereWrath says2016-12-19T21:30:18.1597992Z
Firefury14620 Well If That's The Case Since You Did Clarify The Question I'm Pretty Sure Everyone Is Honest Enough To Take Off Their Sarcasm Hats Off And Help You Out On Answering This Question. In My Opinion It Is Very Flirtatious To Do That To Someone Of Equal Age Unless Someone Is Injured And Needs Assistance But Other Than Certain Scenarios That Call For It To be Necessary I Wouldn't See The Need To Piggy Back Unless Flirting Was Ones Intention.
firefury14620 says2016-12-31T01:29:34.3129332Z
I would like to point out that context was given in the description of the poll. It's not like I'm leaving you in the dark here. Context has been given, and hopefully said context will actually be read and understood.

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