Is global warming a hoax?

Posted by: mystery_man43

Polls show that most people believe that global warming is not a hoax. However, there are still many (including scientists) who believe it is.

Poll closed on 5/30/2015 at 12:00AM.
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No, global warming is happening; we are the cause of it!

16 votes

No, global warming is happening; however, we are not the cause of it!

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Yes, global warming is a hoax!

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Varrack says2015-05-27T12:02:47.9895596-05:00
I'm undecided on AGW.
Reeseroni says2015-05-27T14:09:06.8530093-05:00
Global warming has always been around, no point to argue there. The only issue is that humans have greatly influenced the erosion of the earth's soil, and released millions of poisonous gases into the atmosphere, which has greatly enhanced the effect of climate change on our environment.
Stefy says2015-05-27T16:28:21.6628297-05:00
The rate of global warming over the past 150 years (since the industrial revolution and the increase in fuel emmisions) has increased exponentially. Global warming has always been around but the phenomenon we refer to when we say global warming is whats happening now not a thousand years ago. So yes its a problem. Not a hoax.
benhos says2015-05-27T21:44:16.9947701-05:00
I agree with Reeseroni. Climate change/global warming is natural, it would have happened anyway, but as humans releasing poisonous gases and eroding away the Earth, we are drastically enhancing the effects and speed of climate change.
mwedwards says2015-05-28T00:22:27.3740825-05:00
Ok, so since some are ignoring the empirical evidence, I will provide it. From about 500 A.D. - 1000 A.D. We had temperatures that were as high, maybe higher than today. Then from 1400 A.D. - 1800 A.D. We had a large drop in temperatures. These changes were not caused by CO2 emissions, because that did not come till the industrial revolution. Here are the graphs to prove this: http://www.Drroyspencer.Com/library/pics/2000-years-of-global-temperature.Jpg http://www.Epa.Gov/climatechange/images/science/GHGConc2000-large.Jpg If we look back into the geologic record we see even more evidence of this. Around 450 million years ago Earth experienced an ice age while global CO2 levels were 10 times higher than they are today. According to those who believe that our CO2 emissions are the largest factor of Global Warming, this kind of an event should not have happened because CO2 supposedly is a large factor in the climate. The point is, CO2 has very little effect on the Earth's climate, so our emissions are doing far less than what some people would have us believe.
Deathbydefault says2015-05-28T01:13:48.4299231-05:00
I wont vote on this though I do believe humans do have something to do with global warming. In my opinion, I am not studied enough on the subject to be able to really state a truth about it. So I'll just say what I think and not what I know here in the comments :P

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