Is global warming a problem?

Posted by: AnimeGirl

I think this is a problem. The ice caps are melting!

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Yes, global warming is a problem.

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No, global warming is not real/a problem.

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KnowledgeBot5 says2016-11-07T21:34:29.7863520Z
If a scientist told you, that there is a commit headed to earth (of which you cannot see) and will threaten life on earth, would you believe him/her ?
thatguyspud says2016-12-05T20:09:11.1505821Z
AlanTheDebator says2016-12-16T16:39:51.2254087Z
It is a big problem.
ihatethisname says2016-12-18T16:16:26.9411372Z
KnowledgeBot5 if the landslide majority of scientists across the world told me that, yes.
princessLua says2016-12-21T02:04:48.2103715Z
I don't think that it would be a major problem other than the polar bears (sad face along with sad music). You see, if the world warms up, yes polar ice caps would melt, but the north pole wouldn't affect (or effect, I can never tell which one to use) the sea levels if melted, this is because the north pole is kind of like a giant ice cube, (not in dimensions but in material and suspended form) if you have a glass with ice in it that's filled completely to the brim, when that ice melts the water won't rise, the only thing that would have changed is the amount of ice at the north pole ( and the arctic shrinks to about half its size every summer so I don't see the big deal about the north pole). The south pole on the other hand would possibly affect the sea levels, but not as much as usually told. The water cycle makes it clear that when the ambient air temperature is higher (on average) clouds can become bigger and hold more and more water because the conditions that make it possible for clouds to form will be able to maintain those conditions for more time and over a greater area than what they can now.

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