Is god a personal or pantheist entity?

Posted by: ChosenWolff

Assume he exists

  • God is a pantheist entity

  • God is a personal and anthropomorphic entity

60% 6 votes
40% 4 votes
  • Only logical solution to the existence of god

  • I don't believe in any deity whether it has a physical form or is an energy or whatever type of words you would you describe it. I don't believe it is out there but if there was, this seems to be more likely than an invisible man flying around in the sky.

  • Technically I'm a Panentheist, but this is closer to my belief.

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dietorangesoda says2014-07-18T18:46:42.9815301-05:00
God is fake
ChosenWolff says2014-07-18T18:47:49.2682040-05:00
Saw that coming. I'm sure others will commend you for your originality, but that opinion isn't relevant to the question I asked. I advised voters to assume he exists.
GOD-vs-ITSELF says2014-07-18T19:06:59.2589196-05:00
ChosenWolff, Dietorangesoda was eluding to the fact your question is fallacious, as it is a "complex question". If you have no problem with such brand of questioning, answer me this. "Did you tell your mom your gay yet?"
ChosenWolff says2014-07-18T19:24:11.2756969-05:00
A fallacy is when something is a misguided belief. Asking a question can never be a fallacy. Debate 101.

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