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No god is loving

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Yes god is evil

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Julian-Harker says2016-06-08T21:10:00.9110432Z
God is fake
maslow says2016-06-08T21:41:56.0012104Z
There is no god.
Anonymous says2016-06-08T21:58:00.5397933Z
Creating people is loving, letting evil happen to people is evil
Anonymous says2016-06-08T22:01:43.1532203Z
Creating people is good but letting evil happen is evil.
Hunter_G says2016-06-09T01:50:05.0705939Z
Asking "is god evil" is implying that god exists which there is no supporting evidence for
lolking78 says2016-06-09T09:13:43.6204052Z
I kow but if god was real what would he be like
Dburch111 says2016-06-19T16:38:22.4896063Z
If there is an Abrahamic God, he most certainly is evil. Otherwise, he is a total jackass to say the least.
jeancommunicates says2016-10-18T17:21:31.7201788Z
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
IANTITHEIST says2017-07-27T06:27:15.0482036Z
God doesn't exist but the god of the Bible and (especially) the Quran is an infinitely evil character. Anyone who thinks otherwise is morally bankrupt.

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