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No, im a brain-dead turkey

22 votes

Yes, i have some sort of intelligence

17 votes
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Wylted says2014-06-10T14:54:06.2145097-05:00
Both answers suck
patrick967 says2014-06-10T14:57:04.1013097-05:00
These are biased answers. I'm not a brain-dead turkey, or I wouldn't be in college. The ignorance of theists amazes me a lot.
CM028_Master says2014-06-10T15:04:08.4474392-05:00
I must have some sort of intelligence, or I wouldn't be in HS. Seriously guys? Just say "2" if you mean no. Nobody takes this poll too seriously.
oculus_de_logica says2014-06-10T15:16:57.9887559-05:00
What is wrong with being a brain-dead turkey? Are you racist against turkeys? Are mentally handicapped turkeys any worse than other turkeys? ARE YOU PREJUDICED AGAINST TURKEYS? WHAT KIND OF SICK PERSON ARE YOU! THAT POOR TURKEY DID NOTHING AGAINST YOU AND HAS A PERFECT RIGHT TO LIVE AND BE BRAIN DEAD WITHOUT YOU BASHING ON IT FOR NO REASON, YOU MEANIE!!!!!!
BblackkBbirdd says2014-06-10T15:28:35.7990098-05:00
If you think that being an atheist automatically makes someone stupid, you are stupid.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-06-10T15:31:51.1374790-05:00
I think the descriptions on yes and no are flipped by mistake.
LifeMeansGodIsGood says2014-06-10T15:33:49.1432268-05:00
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowlege. If you memorize a million books but do not fear God, you are no smarter than an animal and your intelligence is devilish.
CM028_Master says2014-06-10T15:35:23.9924428-05:00
@PreferNotToBeLabeled, um... So does your face?
ChosenWolff says2014-06-10T15:35:48.3599552-05:00
Divinity is, if not god
SamStevens says2014-06-10T15:47:28.9802021-05:00
This is a loaded question. If you choose No, it assumes you are a brain dead turkey. Pretty pathetic way to get people to choose yes.
Fanath says2014-06-10T16:42:24.7823714-05:00
"Both answers suck" +1
ringpassnot says2014-06-10T17:20:39.9128826-05:00
Equalityforalll says2014-06-10T18:27:18.7528216-05:00
I am not a brain dead turkey or i wouldnt be in the Highly Gifted Center for education, but yes, both answers suck.
briantheliberal says2014-06-10T20:59:16.7664860-05:00
I'd rather be a brain dead turkey than a brain dead creationist.
derplington says2014-06-10T21:51:32.5517798-05:00
People are such hipocrits. Always thinking the other side is always the bad guy. This means you Patrick967. Atheists are ignorant too.
Auragirl360 says2014-06-11T03:12:05.2698709-05:00
Don't feed the trolls.
patrick967 says2014-06-11T14:23:21.2632997-05:00
Sorry for generalizing @derplington. There are ignorant atheists, but not many. We *generalizing here* usually know about all the world's religions, and find none of them satisfying. It's just the creationist stereotype is supported here.
patrick967 says2014-06-11T14:24:06.0467420-05:00
Also, hypocrites*.
yetifivepecks says2014-06-11T21:47:16.0930644-05:00
I actually like mythical trolls. Internet trolls? Only the ones who have some kind of class.
mishapqueen says2014-06-11T22:55:33.4534181-05:00
I don't really like the "you are so stupid" connotation. I believe God is real, but that does not mean I think I'm smarter than anyone else, and being an atheist does not make someone stupid. I strongly disagree with the atheistic point of view, but they are definitely not stupid. Anyone who makes the broad generalization that people in a certain belief system are stupid, is not putting their own intelligence to good use.

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