Is Google's 'right to be forgotten' policy implementation a good thing?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

EU enforced, Google now has an online form which anyone can fill in. You can request that the search engine omits results about you. Google then reviews this request to see whether the results are 'obsolete' or whether they should be kept up due to the public interest.

  • Yes

  • No

80% 8 votes
20% 2 votes
  • I think so. Though some think repressive regimes could use this too their advantage, Google themselves review every request and I am optimistic that such search results would not be removed due to public interest. Not to mention websites ARE NOT REMOVED, they are simply omitted from search results so they are not really "censored" at all. This policy gives us back some privacy that we have lost. It means that once something is out there, it is not going to necessarily disadvantage us forever e.g. Drunk pictures or parties

  • Of course. If I do not want my name searchable, I should be able to make it unsearchable.

    Posted by: Chest
  • If you do something you should own up to it and accept it, apologize if you want or need and move on. If people cannot get over the fact that sometimes people do stupid things then they are the idiots.

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